"I definitely did learn that there are repercussions for your political actions during previous seasons."

When you make power moves on The Challenge, you better be prepared to face the consequences in a later season. And Tula "Big T" Fazakerley's impressive and savvy political scheming — along with the guaranteed physical safety that came from her partner CT Tamburello — in season 36's Double Agents may just come back to haunt her this season on Spies, Lies, and Allies.

"I just love the political side of the game, that's what really excites me," Fazakerley tells EW ahead of season 37's premiere. "But I definitely did learn that there are repercussions for your political actions during previous seasons. That's something that will be shown this season. I kind of came in like from scratch this season and it felt like my rookie season all over again."

Fazakerley teases that she did come into this season "with a completely new strategy" because she didn't want to be too predictable for the other players. And she also came in as a completely new player formed from her experiences last season with Tamburello pushing her in the challenges. "Last season was definitely a transitional moment in my Challenge experience," she says. "A couple of months after competing last season, I got the call for this season and the turnaround was fairly fast. And I just couldn't believe it, each time I get asked back I just always get so shocked. I never expect to get the call back. I'm most excited for people to see my growth in this journey."

As for how this season went for her? Below, the small but fierce U.K. competitor previews what fans can expect from her game this time around in The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How did your experience last season change you coming into this season?

TULA "BIG T" FAZAKERLEY: Last season my mentality was slightly different. Each time I play the game I understand a little bit better. There are so many different layers to it, but strategically, I felt more confident coming into this season. And also I felt quite excited to do the actual physical challenges, because I had CT last season walking me through things, helping my nerves and fears so coming into this season, I was like, you know what, I'm ready for anything.

After your elimination on Double Agents, what did you do to train differently for this season?

I was doing a lot of weight training, whatever I could because gyms were closed in the U.K. until a couple of weeks before filming. I was just trying to do as much weightlifting as I could, and running which is not my strongest point so I was trying to do as much of that as I could as well.

CT came down on you really hard last season about how you're not ready for a final. Did you take any of his training tips to heart for this season?

I most definitely took CT's training tips to heart. Yes, sometimes his delivery was harsh, but sometimes I need somebody like that to give me that extra kick to take this really seriously. I have to push myself to this level out of my comfort zone. CT's training really pushed me to put myself outside of my own comfort zone physically.

You were partnered with CT for most of the season right up until the end where he ended up winning with someone else. That must have been tough. Did you come into this season with any regrets or hard feelings towards CT or Amber [Borzotra]?

I didn't have any hard feelings towards CT and Amber B. coming into this season because they won together. There was that feeling of like, "That's my partner!" [Laughs] Of course. But at the reunion show CT and I had a great conversation. We've entered this season on a very good note. And we have a close friendship. We have ups and downs but ultimately CT will always have a place in my heart and after what we went through together as partners that really cements a very strong friendship, he's like family to me.

Do you ever think about what could have happened if you had run the final with CT instead?

Of course, I had that feeling of, my partner won and he won without me. I wish I had stayed to the end. That could have been me. But you never want to take away or have envy for anybody's win because when your time comes, your time comes, and one day if I was to win I would want people to be happy for me and not to be jealous. I was very proud for Amber to win because she was somebody who was also underestimated in the game, nobody really saw that one coming. I was so happy for her. And the majority of last season I was very close with Amber so I was just very happy for the both of them. And Amber's a very strong runner so she put her work into winning that final.

What can you tease about who you get partnered up with at the start of this season?

I will say I was partnered up with a very, very strong contender, a very, very strong player. Someone who's physically strong and very intelligent. I was like, "Wow, I keep getting to be partnered with incredible people." I'm very lucky. [Laughs] I remember Kyle [Christie] being like, "How do you do it?! You keep getting incredible partners."

What can you reveal about how your game goes this season?

I've never had this sort of experience before on television, so my game went in an unexpected way. I think people will see sides to me that they hadn't seen before in a good way. I'm nervous but excited for the audience to get to know me even better. [Laughs] Let's just say it was a very good looking cast this season.

Sounds like someone might have caught your eye ...

I mean, there were a lot of contenders. One person, in particular, did catch my eye. [Laughs] That was fun to experience that in the house.

Do you get caught in any rivalries this season?

Coming into the season I thought there will be some rivalries which carried on from the season that we had in Iceland. However, it was very unexpected. We had rivalries with romance, rivalries within their own alliances. It was a lot. I was very shocked.

You're seen in the trailer telling someone they can't use you as a pawn — how does that confrontation happen?

I like to play the game politically and if I feel as if I don't know what's going on or things aren't quite clear to me I do get frustrated and so I think that moment shows where I am at that point in the season. It does take a lot for me to pop off in that way but I get very impassioned and I love this game even more and more. And I have to say, I have become more competitive coming into my fourth season. And when you have more of a grasp of the game it's just frustrating when things aren't what they seem to be. [Laughs] Something I will say is that I was naive, I kept being confused why this season has Lies in it. Spies, Lies, and Allies, like Spies I understand, Allies I understand. But why Lies in the title? And then having spoken to the cast after filming, I now completely understand why. And I wish I knew what was going on during the time of filming.

Oh no.

[Laughs] I know, there was so much that had to be revealed to me recently and now I understand. I wish I got the memo, I played the game slightly differently. [Laughs] But it's all good.

The actual challenges look insane this season. What was it like competing in these juiced-up dailies?

It was so intense, it was so crazy! But it was so much fun. It was so creative and imaginative and we've taken it to an upper level. I thought last year I'd experienced everything and then this season comes and I had no idea that they could take things up to another level. But I really did enjoy them ... well, most of the challenges. I mean, we will have to wait and see what happens with my fear of heights. [Laughs] But that's a whole other situation.

After jumping out of a plane last season, you'd think any heights challenge they throw at you now is going to be a piece of cake.

You would think that, yes. [Laughs] That was what I was hoping.

The Challenge: Spies, Lies, and Allies premieres Wednesday, Aug. 11 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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