From a veteran throwing up blood to players angrily punching walls, this three-minute teaser promises the craziest season yet.

By Sydney Bucksbaum
December 02, 2020 at 01:00 PM EST
Credit: MTV

Secret agents, rogue agents, and double agents, oh my! Season 36 of The Challenge is really going all-in with the spy thriller theme, and EW has your exclusive first look at The Challenge: Double Agents "super" extended trailer featuring three minutes of all-new footage.

Along with host TJ Lavin revealing that there are only 10 skulls this season — meaning the first 10 players to win an elimination are the only ones eligible to run the final — the super trailer shows how the stakes have never been higher. From shocking injuries to angry outbursts, new hookups and old rivalries rekindled, this season just might be the craziest yet.

The trailer appropriately opens with Big T being thrown out of an airplane, and things just get bigger and better from there. CT's laughing with an evil look on his face, Fessy is screaming at Josh about how he plays scared every season, returning veteran Theresa cries to Jay about having to be here with her old rival Wes, newcomer/Survivor winner Natalie is shown making alliances with veteran heavy hitters, and Tori drops a bomb that BFFs Cory and Fessy could be thrown into elimination against each other. Multiple dudes punch walls in anger, fights break out in the house, and Wes says, "This is the most paranoid game I've ever been a part of."

And speaking of those shocking injuries, why is Kyle throwing up blood? Is that why Tori is shown screaming, "Get a f---ing medic!" during an elimination? Or will there be multiple disqualifications due to medical reasons this season?!

Whatever the case may be, Nany puts it best: "All hell is going to break loose."

Watch the full super trailer below:

Get a sneak peek of the new season with a special preview episode The Challenge: Double Agents Declassified airing Monday, Dec. 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, two days prior to the premiere airing Wednesday, Dec. 9 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on MTV. 

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