"This one hurt. It hurt really bad," [SPOILER] tells EW of getting eliminated in the first leg of the final.

Warning: This article contains spoilers about episode 8 of The Challenge: Double Agents, now streaming on Paramount+.

Is there anything worse than fighting through a whole season of The Challenge only to get purged immediately in the final? Just ask Derrick Kosinski and Jisela Delgado, who came in last place in the first leg of the final on The Challenge: All Stars and as a result were cut from the competition.

"I get it, that's a lot of people to run a final," Delgado tells EW. "But there should have been more purges. I just think it was weird that it was only the first checkpoint. Like, no! Send some more motherf---ers home! I just didn't think that made sense that they only purged us two."

Below, EW first got Kosinski to break down what led to his elimination before Delgado was able to join the call and give an update on her relationship status with Alton Williams, her friendship with Aneesa Ferreira, and more.

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was it like getting purged from the final?

DERRICK KOSINSKI: This one hurt. It hurt really bad. And to be honest with you, I really wanted Jisela as my partner. I knew with her messed up leg that she was going to have a tough time going through the rest of it so I wanted to use her arms to our advantage while I had her. I wanted to play the hero and prove to myself that I could do anything. But water isn't my game. I don't really do a lot of outdoor stuff. So when I come back, if there's a season 2, I'll come prepared and be a mountain man!

Does that mean you'll take some lessons on how to paddle a canoe?

KOSINSKI: That's an understatement. [Laughs] I'll teach myself how to stay underwater like a f---ing Navy SEAL. The water really got me this season. I thought I was going to come in this season with an advantage but not with the canoe. And to top it all off, I think [the canoe] was backwards! So we're going to do our own private investigation with the tape to figure out if that damn thing was backwards because if it was backwards, we rode for about an hour and 15 minutes with the thing upside down, basically.

How close was it between Big Easy and KellyAnne's finish and when you guys finished the canoe race?

KOSINSKI: This is probably the most disheartening part of this final leg of ours. We were ahead of Big Easy and KellyAnne. We were probably about 20, 30 yards from the shore and we couldn't get it to go to the right. All we had to do was get it to veer to the right a little bit but we were on a dead stop with the water pushing us away. It seemed like we were working against each other and doing circles, and at one point, we were reversing it. And it was almost like the fastest we ever went was that last 30 yards and it was backwards! That's why we think it was maybe backwards the whole time but I wouldn't have been smart enough to know that. It's not something I've ever done before.

You actually were partnered up and in your canoe faster than three other teams, so how were you feeling at the start of the canoe race?

KOSINSKI: Oh, I'm feeling ecstatic. Like, this is perfect! But then once we get into the water, these other two teams pass us like nothing. I'm starting to think, what are we doing wrong? I'm busting my ass as hard as I can. We talked about, do we just jump out of the boat and push it because we're so close? I just didn't want to get into a fight with her while we're in this canoe and we're 30 yards away, we're supposed to communicate like adults instead of yelling at each other. I kind of feel like it was almost our downfall, like maybe if we would have screamed at each other and I would have jumped out of that damn thing and told her to row while I pushed, maybe it would have been a different story. Maybe we're still in the game. But it was so weird. [Laughs] We were literally doing donuts in the water.

At what point did you realize that this was the end for you?

KOSINSKI: You guys didn't see the part where we had to run with this canoe from checkpoint one checkpoint two. We literally had to carry this thing and Jisela's got the bad knee, these things are not light, and Eric and KellyAnne are already up there as I'm pulling up literally giving this last final push. And once I saw their faces with this look of disappointment because they knew that we were gone, at that point I swore, I threw my oar, tried to get Jisela to walk through the finish line and then that was it. It was done.

What was going through your mind in that moment, knowing you were purged?

KOSINSKI: It was weird, they were looking at me like I was dead! What you guys didn't see is Alton literally ran over as we were off set taking our s--- off in the car, he runs over f---ing crying. Crying! He gave me the biggest hug, then he went over to Jisela — I don't care what she says, he hugged me first. He gave me a hug like he was never going to see me again. The refs were like, "You've got to come back! You can't come over here!" They didn't even bring the cameras over. They were going to dock him points. I'm like f---ing grabbing him, "What are you doing?! You have to go back!" [Laughs] It was so crazy. I was listening to them and they were going to DQ him.

[Delgado joins the call.]

JISELA DELGADO: Oh yeah, that part was so emotional. He pushed everybody out of the way, very dramatic, very movie moment. [Laughs] We actually ended up kissing there and I thought that y'all were going to finally get an onscreen kiss. [Laughs] But you didn't get it.

Jisela, you got really close to Alton this season so where does your relationship stand now?

DELGADO: We are still very, very close. I think I'm the only cast member he talks to. [Laughs] We talk every week, a few hours at a time, but he lives on the West Coast and I live on the East Coast. We're also adults with a lot of responsibilities and we have children. So anything beyond what a friendship is we can't really offer one another. It's right person, wrong time.

You and Aneesa also had a really intense falling out this season, so how did that impact your friendship outside of the house?

DELGADO: It's really important for people to understand it's not that the friendship was severed because of a vote, even though I can understand to the naked eye it looked that way. Much like anybody else's friendship, you have other issues that have played out. This is the defining moment. Are you going to be honest with me in this moment, or am I going to have to take the friendship back? That's where we ended up. I hold honesty in a very high regard. I can never be the same with her again. And I would be lying if I said I could. I can't give her something that I know I can't provide, which is the type of friendship that she was used to.

How did you feel about how all of that played out on this season?

DELGADO: I was pretty hurt. But I always try to keep that close to my chest because I feel like that is weakness for people to see you hurt. To the extent that when I hurt my leg, I told the safety team, "Don't make a scene, I don't want anyone to know I'm hurt." [Laughs] Even though everyone saw me fall. But going into this, I have other friends that have watched the show and they told me, "Don't let Aneesa play you the way she does other people on the show." And to know that I became just another pawn in her game, she didn't have to play that. I was hurt in a very profound way because I knew I was going to lose that friendship, that I can never be the same with her. I had to mourn that.

Speaking of your injury, how bad was it?

DELGADO: I actually tore my ACL, I tore my meniscus, and I fractured my tibia. I was in my bed crying at night, it hurt so bad. I've never had a sports injury so I thought it was like a sprain. "Ibuprofen in the morning, I'll run this final, and I'll be good." To know now how serious it was, that was crazy. The surgery itself is going to be two to four hours, I get it next Thursday. And then rehab is going to be six to nine months. It's pretty intense. I've been having to go to rehab leading up to surgery too.

KOSINSKI: As someone that has dealt with these sports injuries, who has also torn his ACL in the past, I didn't know there was a torn ACL but when you went down the stairs the morning of, I was like, "Oh yeah, that's not going to be good. That's not going to work. That s--- is f---ed up!" But she really went for it.

DELGADO: I wasn't going to quit. That was my biggest goal on this Challenge, to show everyone that I have overcome all of the obstacles in my life that held me back before. On my Road Rules, I would not go down the mountain. I refused. I wanted people to know I'm not afraid of heights anymore. And that's the other reason I didn't quit in the elimination even after hurting myself because I did quit on the Gauntlet 2 when I went into the arena. Everybody knows I threw that challenge. But I'm not a quitter anymore.

Do either of you have any regrets on how you played this season?

DELGADO: I wish I would have taken more chances because if I could do it all over again, I would have definitely said, "Let's just get out and push the boat." I am an amazing swimmer, and had I taken that chance, me and Derrick would have 100 percent been on that beach, we would have made it to the next checkpoint. It hurts so much because I love Derrick, I worked really hard to protect Derrick because I wanted Derrick in the final with me. I wanted to get to the next checkpoint for him. If I have to tap out because of my leg at some point in the game, let it be because of my leg, not because I'm in water which is my strong suit.

Are either of you interested in coming back for another season of All Stars, or even just a regular season of The Challenge after this?

KOSINSKI: I'm trying to chase CT and Darrell for that fourth Challenge championship. I'm trying to catch them and make this a race. I would be eager and excited to go in there and get my revenge. And if Jisela's not there with me, I'm going to dedicate it to both of us and that knee! My craving for competition is still very much alive. For the eliminations, for the grueling grudge matches, for the cool competitions, for the glory of the game. This is just the beginning.

DELGADO: Would I do a regular Challenge? Absolutely. Especially as a female who has never won anything on the show, I feel like people need to respect these type of players more than the ones who have won because the ones who have one has tasted magic. They know what it's like and they're hungry for more. The ones who do it time and time again, especially the females because statistically we haven't been the winners, we are doing it for the love of the sport. And a regular Challenge has so many more dailies than the All Star Challenge, and that would be the only reason I would want to do a regular Challenge.

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