"You got to know when to fold and know when to walk away."

By Sydney Bucksbaum
April 23, 2021 at 03:00 PM EDT

Warning: This article contains spoilers about episode 4 of The Challenge: All Stars.

When The Challenge host TJ Lavin calls you out for quitting, it's pretty much a death sentence. And when he yelled, "All right, don't take care, hope to see you never!" to Arissa Hill as she quit the game at the end of The Challenge: All Stars in this week's episode, it was ice-cold.

But if you ask Hill how she feels about that burn now? She'll be the first to admit she's got no beef with Lavin. But she doesn't regret quitting either. "I know what's best for me, and I know what I should be doing for me," she tells EW. "I know that quitting isn't looked upon as All Star behavior, and that's fine, but also you need to know that when something is not going to benefit you, even emotionally, you have no support when you're in this house — yeah, not particularly angry at the way TJ said what he said or how it's perceived because I realize that. I get it."

And as for how she ended up in that elimination against Beth Stolarczyk because Mark Long used the Lifesaver to save Katie Cooley? "Well, that definitely was a twist!" Hill says with a laugh. Below, Hill talks more about why she quit instead of participating in the elimination, what was really going on with her "isolating" from the rest of the group, and more.

Arissa Hill on 'The Challenge: All Stars'
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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How are you feeling about your exit now that the episode is streaming?

ARISSA HILL: I'm good with it. I'm entertained, as I hope you guys are. [Laughs] I know this is a game, and there was only going to be one winner at the end. And in hindsight, I could see that for me personally, who didn't really have any alliances in the house, I couldn't see myself going to do this elimination against Beth and then going back into a house with now nine people that I didn't trust. You're not going to assist me to go to the final, I know this now! Very obviously. And so I just couldn't see myself going back into the house and continuing to argue for the rest of the night and then getting up in the next morning to go do a challenge with the same people.

Mark promised you that if he used the Lifesaver, you wouldn't be thrown into elimination in Katie's place. How do you feel about how that ended up not being the case?

I was obviously very angry because I had been told not just the one time that you saw, but like several times, that I was safe. It wasn't just a one-off, and even with just that one-off I would have been pissed. But I was told several times that I would be safe. And what nobody knows is that Alton, when Mark was doing the "interviews" of if he should use the Lifesaver, Alton from my season actually suggested to him to put me in with Beth.

Oh wow!

Yeah. That really made me feel a type of way as well. And I just saw myself, after that elimination, going back into the house and fighting with everyone the rest of the night. I didn't want to do that.

So do you blame Mark or even Alton for how everything ended up?

Well, to be clear, we all know that you're going to eventually have to face elimination. There's always a chance, even if you play an excellent social game, because of a fluke. I'm not ever upset that my name is going to get thrown into an elimination, but what's bothersome is the assumption that it's a low-hanging fruit and it's an easy win, and under the guise of "you don't have to prepare because you're completely safe." You're now feeling really betrayed. And then you have somebody that you have known since 2002, Alton is suggesting me to go into an elimination? What sense did that make? So I felt like I didn't have any allies. For me, I'm like, Alexa, play "The Gambler," by Kenny Loggins, because you got to know when to fold and know when to walk away. [Laughs] I didn't count my money before I left the table. I knew when to fold my cards, and I know that things weren't going to get easier if you don't have any allies. And there's also the potential to injure yourself. To put yourself in a situation that is not beneficial for a chance? I'm not going to put my body through too much more for a chance. I want the guarantee. And then you'll see me light this bitch up.

Do you have any regrets about quitting?

I completely stand firm in my conviction. And I was ready to do the elimination, at first. I was changing into my uniform. And as I was changing, I was just getting all of the flashes of things that I had experienced in the house. While it looks like I am isolating myself from the group, in reality I had some really significant moments with a lot of the people that also said my name. So it was really difficult for me because even though I'm not drinking and partying at the bar, you are coming to me for guidance and advice and when you want to talk and like, learn about the world and telling me that you have these really touching and beautiful moments with me, and then turn around and do that? It can't be these two things. Just because I isolated from the group doesn't mean that we all, including Mark, Easy — Easy didn't say my name though, and that was very sweet of him. What you don't hear him say is that he and I had developed a friendship in the house and we had actually found a really common ground, and I really enjoyed my time with him.

Wow, I don't think I saw a single scene shown of you and Big Easy together.

Right? Yeah! And it looks like I'm being antisocial, but the other thing is that I have a very significant gluten allergy and it was just impossible to not get some gluten in my system just because of a bunch of different variables. And that manifests itself in a lot of different, very painful and uncomfortable things like rashes and intestinal internal issues and things like that. So I wasn't getting the same type of fuel as everybody either, so I was also hangry! It just wasn't easy and so a lot of these times where you see me isolating it's because I actually don't feel well. The way that it's presented to be is me disassociating from the group, and that is not the case. So why you see me get so angry is because I'm battling a lot of unseen things and having these poignant moments with these individuals, and then to also be promised multiple times that you're safe, and then have it be like that, there was just no way that I could go back there.

If TJ had let you, would you have really boxed Beth for the elimination instead?

[Laughs] I actually spoke to Beth last night, we had a good chuckle about that moment. And I was so pissed off in that moment, I said, "After I boxed you, I was going to box Mark for putting me in that, then Darrell, then Alton, and then the eight people that said my name."

Just right on down the line!

Down the line! I was ready.

How did the reality of All Stars compare to what you had expected or hoped it to be like?

It's my complete fault for not watching any Challenges first, I didn't even watch the Challenge I did, Battle of the Sexes, and so I should have known better, that it was more than likely going to be completely different than what I anticipated. I was like, it's probably going to be something cute like an escape house! And it was not that. It was The Hunger Games. Knowing what I know now, I would definitely go in to a Challenge house pretty much like Thanos in terms of my prep, and I would be working out on Mark levels so that I could be prepared for gluten allergies, snakes throwing me in eliminations, anything that comes my way. But the irony is I pulled a Beth on Beth. [Laughs]

I bet I know your answer already, but would you consider going back for potential future seasons?

Surprisingly — well, when they asked me that first night after I quit, I was like, f--- no! But I actually, truly, really did have a good time. I got everything out of it that I wanted in terms of adventure and just being able to test my limits. And that's another thing, I wasn't afraid of heights and things like this in this Challenge. I have conquered, in the past 15 years, a lot of the fears that were a detriment to me in Battle of the Sexes, and I wasn't really given an opportunity to fully show that. So I definitely, definitely would do it again.

I was not expecting that answer!

I know, right?

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