Get a new look at Laurie Holden as Crimson Countess and Sean Patrick Flanery as Gunpowder.

It's Payback time.

Amazon's latest installment of The Boys web series, Seven on 7, offered some sneak peeks at Jensen Ackles' new supe team, which will descend upon season 3 of the Emmy nominated satirical drama.

As EW earlier reported, Payback was the world's premiere team of supes before the Seven was formed. Ackles' character, Soldier Boy, was its leader.

In the comics, created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson, Payback consisted of Soldier Boy, Stormfront, Eagle the Archer, Tek Knight, Swatto, and Crimson Countess, but it seems The Boys is making some changes.

Crimson Countess is still linked to the team, and will be played by The Walking Dead alum Laurie Holden, who offered a first look at her character costume Friday. But Seven on 7 reveals that Gunpowder, portrayed by Sean Patrick Flanery, is also a former member of Payback.

"Retired superhero Gunpowder, best known as a member of the legendary team Payback, unveiled his junior shooter program in partnership with the Vought Rifle Association," Vought News Network anchor Cameron Coleman (Matthew Edison) reports on Seven on 7. "The program aims to teach children how to safely carry and handle firearms and to cherish their God-given Second Amendment rights."

The Boys
Sean Patrick Flanery's Gunpowder was revealed on the 'Seven on 7' web series.
| Credit: Amazon

Gunpowder was previously seen on a television screen in The Boys season 1, in which he spoke about a recent mall shooting. "If more people were armed, maybe I wouldn't have to save the day every time," the character said. Obviously, he's big into guns.

Seven on 7 also shows Crimson Countess performing at the Vought Land theme park, which features an attraction called Soldier Boy, Ahoy!, described as "a musical journey into super history."

The Boys season 3 Laurie Holden as the Crimson Countess
Laurie Holden will play Crimson Countess in 'The Boys' season 3.
| Credit: Amazon Studios

For further context, Soldier Boy was the first superhero introduced by Vought, and he was operating during World War II fighting Nazis. But as we learned through Aya Cash's Stormfront in season 2, some supes can live immensely long lives without aging.

"One of the things I love most about the world in [The Boys] comic books isn't just how fleshed out it is, but the history of it. It goes back 60, 70 years and it's just as fleshed out as it is today," showrunner Eric Kripke told EW. "One of the reasons that we're getting into Soldier Boy [in season 3] and that team, Payback, is we're interested in exploring a little bit of how we got here. Through the history of the supes, we can tell a little bit about the history of America and how we ended up in the current fraught position that we're in."

Amazon has not yet announced a premiere date for The Boys season 3, but the series wrapped production in late summer. 

Watch the latest Seven on 7 in the clip above.

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