Did you catch this Easter egg in the second episode?

Warning: This article contains spoilers from The Boys season 3 episodes 1 and 2.

While The Boys is now full steam ahead on season 3, which debuted today on Amazon Prime Video, the live-action spin-off, set at a college for supes, is currently in production. Details are still being mined as to what that show entails, but The Boys is already helping to set the stage for the events to come.

In the second episode of season 3, Hughie (Jack Quaid) learns Congresswoman Victoria Neuman's (Claudia Doumit) backstory after it was revealed that she's the head-popping supe who killed all those people in season 2. Born Nadia, Vicky was raised at the Red River Institute, a group home for super-abled children that's owned by a subsidiary of Vought International. Most of the kids who live there came into their powers too early to learn how to control them.

A version of Red River was featured in an episode of The Boys Presents: Diabolical, the animated spin-off that debuted earlier this year. However, showrunner Eric Kripke confirms that episode isn't technically canon, even though Red River now appears on the mothership series.

The Boys Season 3
Jaz Sinclair's photo makes a brief appearance in 'The Boys' season 3 ahead of the college-set spin-off.
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Using the lie that he's at Red River to potentially adopt a child for him and Starlight (Erin Moriarty), Hughie is shown pictures of various kids at the home. The camera lingers on one teen in particular: 17-year-old Marie M.

Actress Jaz Sinclair, known for her role on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, stars as Marie in The Boys spin-off. Little is currently known about the character, except for what we get from this Easter egg, which is that she, like Vicky, has ties to Red River.

Chance Perdomo, Lizze Broadway, Maddie Phillips, London Thor, Derek Luh, Asa Germann, and Shelley Conn join Sinclair in the ensemble cast of The Boys spin-off, a title for which hasn't been revealed yet. The show is described as one part authentic college drama and one part Hunger Games. Supe kids in training attend a Vought-owned university and compete against each other come graduation time for juicy contracts to protect the top cities.

"It's a really smart, funny, insane show. It's totally different than The Boys, but it's completely within that world and tone," Kripke previously told EW of the spin-off.

Jack Quaid on 'The Boys'
Jack Quaid's Hughie goes to work for the Federal Bureau of Supe Affairs in 'The Boys' season 3.
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Kripke also confirmed multiple other concepts for potential spin-offs are being discussed for possible development. "If the college show works, then maybe there's appetite for more [spin-offs]," he said. "But I think we're in no rush because this only works if each show is totally different than the other, and we maintain the same level of quality as The Boys. Otherwise, it's sort of like, what's the point of doing it? We're trying really hard to not be scum f--- sellouts. We're trying really hard to make sure that each show or each idea would be something we just want to do on our own anyway, whether The Boys was connected to it or not."

The first three episodes of The Boys season 3 are streaming on Amazon Prime Video now.

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