A giant island orgy for supes? Sounds like The Boys all right.

He did it. He actually did it. Eric Kripke, the showrunner of The Boys, has finally managed to incorporate Herogasm into the show for season 3.

What is Herogasm, you ask? Only one of the most risqué moments from the original comics, created by writer Garth Ennis and artist Darick Robertson. Think of that scene from The Boys season 1 where Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) takes his new protege Hughie Campbell (Jack Quaid) into a secret nightclub for supes where he sees an Ant-Man-like supe shrinking down to size and jumping between a woman's legs amid even more profane sex and drugs. Now, multiply that by a thousand.

Herogasm is the name of a miniseries from the comics. Ennis and Robertson envisioned it as a play on all those comic book crossover events that see various teams of superheroes from their standalone comics banding together to take on a larger threat.

The Boys
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The start of Herogasm makes it seem like all of the world's heroes are planning to head into space to fight invading aliens. At least, that's what Homelander tells the world. Instead, they are flying to a remote island to have a wild orgy. The Boys must infiltrate this sex island, complete with a Human Centipede-esque oral sex train, on their latest mission. There's also a, shall we say, intimate moment between Homelander and Soldier Boy that happens in Herogasm. And, as we know, Jensen Ackles is now playing Soldier Boy in season 3. So... Yeah, we have questions.

The Boys Herogasm
A comic book cover for the 'Herogasm' comic miniseries.
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In 2019, after The Boys season 1 debuted on Amazon Prime Video, Kripke participated in a Reddit AMA where he revealed that the writers room "JUST figured out how to do Herogasm." "It'll come in Season 3 maybe (if we get picked up for Season 3)," he wrote. "I've really wanted to do it, but needed to figure out our twist on it, so it's not just an hour of hardcore porn. But I think we got it!! Super excited about that."

Season 3, indeed, has been greenlit and the cast is about ready to start production after quarantining in Canada for two weeks. (Quaid's Instagram Stories chronicling his musical antics in isolation are worth a follow.) Kripke took to Twitter this weekend to confirm Herogasm will be adapted in the sixth episode, which bears the same name.

"From day one, everyone dared me to make this episode. CHALLENGE MET MOTHERF---ERS," he wrote.

Jessica Chou, a writer and co-producer on The Boys, penned the episode, which she calls "glorious madness."

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