The discovery+ show premieres in June with a cast of entirely LGBTQ+ actors portraying some 200 historical figures ... and there will be bops.

Bayard Rustin. Marsha P. Johnson. Lorena Hickock. These may not be household names but discovery+'s The Book of Queer intends to change that.

Premiering in June, The Book of Queer will introduce you to these lesser known figures — as well as some folks you've heard of before but probably never knew were queer.

Book of Queer
'The Book of Queer'
| Credit: Discovery+

"The man behind the March on Washington, where Dr. King declared 'I have a dream,' was openly gay. A First Lady of the United States had a steamy affair with another woman. And, we may have already had a queer president," says Eric Cervini, an award-winning historian and Book of Queer's executive producer. "Yet so few people know these stories: viewers will be shocked by how much has been erased from our history books." 

For all of you taking notes — because there will be a quiz after this — Cervini is referring to Rustin, Eleanor Roosevelt (rumored to have been in a relationship with mentor Lorena Hickok), and depending on who you ask, either James Buchanan or Abe Lincoln.

An ensemble cast of entirely LGBTQ+ actors will portray nearly 200 historical figures with each episode culminating in an original song and music video, created and performed by queer artists including Betty Who and VINCINT. And episodes will also be narrated by queer icons like Margaret Cho and more.

"Throughout the centuries, LGBTQ+ stories have been kept under wraps for far too long," Howard Lee, president of TLC Streaming and Network Originals, said in a statement. "The Book of Queer will shine a surprising light on queer history that will make heads spin."

For a taste of some of that head-spinning, Schoolhouse Rock but gay(er) energy, check out the trailer above.

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