Aw, HELL no.

It was bound to happen, rose lovers.

Last week, Rachel was sad when Jason and some of the other men made it clear they were more attracted to Gabby. Well, based on this exclusive preview of Monday's new episode of The Bachelorette, Gabby is about to feel the sting of rejection by men who prefer Rachel.

A note of warning: Do not watch this clip until you are fully prepared to feel some white-hot rage. One man has the sheer audacity to tell Gabby she is "rough around the edges" — can you believe the absolute nerve??? — while another says he wouldn't "have the heart" to stick around if Gabby was the sole Bachelorette.

Gabby from 'The Bachelorette'
'The Bachelorette' sneak preview: Gabby is sad, y'all
| Credit: ABC

Gah, I'm getting angry all over again just writing this. Have these men met Gabby? More importantly, have they met themselves? They should be thankful to spend any time at all in the presence of such a goofy and singular queen. These exchanges are infuriating to watch, especially because poor Gabby takes the rejection to heart. "Being called 'rough around the edges,' like, definitely hurts," she says sadly. "It's just, like, validating all my fears."

Keep your head high, Gabby Windey. Rose lovers, watch the full clip above and feel free to vent your outrage in the comments.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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