Good news, rose lovers! That coronavirus-related production delay on The Bachelorette gave producers time to cast some new guys for Clare Crawley. Let's meet them!

By Kristen Baldwin
July 15, 2020 at 12:26 PM EDT
Credit: Paula Lobo/ABC

Way back in the pre-pandemic days (March 11, 2020, to be exact), ABC revealed the 32 men who would be competing to "marry" Clare Crawley on season 16 of The Bachelorette. And rose lovers, the pickins were slim. Not only were these guys way too young for our 38-year-old Bachelorette (only 8 men were in their 30s, and just one guy was over 40), many of them just weren't on Clare's level. (Please see Jake M., here.)

But then came coronavirus. Production on The Bachelorette — as well as pretty much everything else — was shut down. As the weeks passed, ABC and Warner Bros., which produces The Bachelor franchise, began discussing how to get production back up and running safely, with Chris Harrison telling in May that the goal was to start in June or July. The bad news is, that means we probably won't see any episodes until late fall, but the good news is... it means the show had time to recast some of those sub-par suitors!

Now that production is (allegedly) underway, (possibly) at a resort hotel in Palm Springs where everyone is (presumably) being tested for coronavirus on the regular — ABC has not confirmed any details — it looks like Clare has a fresh batch of men to choose from. Forty-two of them, in fact! (By the way, I highly doubt all 42 men will exit the limo on night one. It's more likely that producers are starting with a larger than necessary batch, as per usual, just in case someone decides to leave or is disqualified due to the discovery of past terrible behavior or, you know, they test positive for the 'rona.) You can see all the guys on The Bachelorette's official Facebook page, but here are the key take-aways:

1) The age gap isn't closed, but it's a lot smaller.

The previous group had an unacceptable dearth of men in their 30s. This bunch of dudes is more mature, with 26 of the 42 (!) men who are 30 and older. There's also a lone 40-year-old, Jeremy from Virginia Beach. As for the twentysomethings, they all look perfectly fine... though honestly, I think Clare eats guys like poor, slight AJ here (28) for breakfast.

2) It's a fairly white group, but more diverse than usual.

This year, producers pledged to make "significant changes" to The Bachelor franchise to increase diversity onscreen and behind the scenes. (Step one: Naming the first-ever Black Bachelor, Matt James.) While more than half of Clare's men appear to be caucasian, there are at least 16 guys in the bunch who are not white, including 33-year-old Karl from Miami and a handsome devil named Joe (36):

I really wish 28-year-old Brandon from Cleveland was a little older, because he definitely looks like husband material.

3) Trend alert: Floral shirts, drab tees, high hair

While this group of guys is far better groomed than Clare's original group (again, see Jake M., here), there is still some room for improvement. Spotted: 3 loud, floral shirts; 6 limp tees in boring earth tones; and one very, very tight pair of pants. Hey Uzoma, you sure you can walk in those slacks?

As for Blake, 30, his hair is just... a lot to take in.

Overall, rose lovers, I feel like Team Bachelorette did a decent job improving on Clare's original group of suitors. Which of these guys pique your interest? And when did floral shirts become a thing? Post your thoughts below – and I'll see you back here sometime this fall (God willing) when Clare's "journey" to find "love" begins.

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