In this first look at Monday's hometown dates episode of The Bachelor, Gabby's grandpa has a few choice words to share about Clayton.
4. Season 5 (Jesse Palmer)

By now, viewers of The Bachelor know that Gabby — the 30-year-old ICU nurse from Denver — absolutely cannot hide it when she doesn't like something. Case in point, from last week's episode:

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Gabby has no poker face.
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Well, rose lovers, it turns out this type of unfiltered response runs in the family. In this brand-new preview from Monday's hometown date, Gabby's grandpa — who will heretofore be known as My Hero — does not hide his disdain for the Bachelor himself, Clayton Echard. "Clayton is not good enough for Gabriela," he harrumphs. "I don't give a damn about anything else."

One important caveat: There's a decent chance that grandpa's quote was stitched together by savvy editors who are trying to amp up the drama. (For example, he could have said something like, "I won't be silent if I think Clayton is not good enough for Gabriela.")

That said, grandpa's next Truth Bomb seems pretty clear. When Gabby asks her gramps what he thinks about Clayton, he says simply, "I think he's full of s---." At some point during the visit, Gabby runs out of the house crying, but we won't know for sure until Monday if it was grandpa's candor that drove her to that breaking point. Watch the full preview above.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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4. Season 5 (Jesse Palmer)
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