Plus the actor reveals her character's series finale fate is "very poetic justice for Raven. She goes out as she'd want to."
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Warning: This article contains spoilers about Wednesday's episode of The 100, "The Queen's Gambit."

The 100's Lindsey Morgan sure had her work cut out for her on her directorial debut.

This week's episode, "The Queen's Gambit," features a bloody civil war break out in Sanctum, a chilling chess match between Murphy (Richard Harmon) and Sheidheda (JR Bourne), planet-hopping for Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and co., an emotionally devastating (and physically maiming) low point for Echo (Tasya Teles)...and oh yeah, also a sweet-yet-gut-wrenching Bellamy (Bob Morley) flashback to his first kiss with Echo. And let's not forget the hour also reveals some surprising facts about the origins of the Disciples on Bardo (hello, Second Dawn!) and ends with Clarke, Raven (Morgan), and the rest of their crew learning about Bellamy's "death."

Yeah, we put the word "death" in quotation marks because do you actually believe Bellamy's dead?! There's no way. And Morgan shares that disbelief. When asked how Raven and the rest of her planet-hopping friends are going to handle that shocking news in the next episode, she teases that "the death of Bellamy is weighing on everyone now that they've learned the news, and from now on a lot of their decisions are going to be made from that place," before adding with a laugh, "But is he dead? Who knows? It's The 100!"

And now that these characters have finally made it to Bardo, Morgan is excited for what comes next. "The 100 gets a real introduction to Bardo, and you're going to see The 100 in true fashion clashing with this new society," she says with a laugh. "Like we seem to do in every new society we're introduced to. We're like world crashers. You have a world? Well, let's crash it!"

Getting to direct her costar Morley in the flashback to Bellamy and Echo's first kiss was a real treat for Morgan, not only because he was back on set for the episode during his final season hiatus but also because it's a sweet scene that normally doesn't happen on this dark, dystopian, post-apocalyptic series.

"I love that scene because it's a real vulnerable and tender moment, and in The 100 we don't get a ton of those because our show is full of action and it's pretty aggressive and high stakes," she says. "I love that we had this second to breathe and be with these two characters we've grown with and loved and get to learn more about them in a more intimate way than we've had before. And I also feel like this scene is so pivotal because it shows a lot of Echo's roots and where she came from. Season 7 is a lot about Echo's transformation, physical and metaphorical."

Morgan points to Echo scarring her face in this episode as a result of learning her love Bellamy is dead. "It's a symbol of how the old Echo that we knew and loved is dead. The Echo that Bellamy loved is dead," she says. "And this new Echo is here for revenge and a reign of terror."

And the actor was pleasantly surprised at how effortless it was directing that powerful flashback scene. "It was interesting because their characters have grown so much and have changed so much," Morgan says. "It was fascinating how, when Bob and Tasya came on set, they looked how they used to look and they were already in character portraying old Echo and old Bellamy. That scene was relatively easy, all I had to direct them was just, 'Take it slow and be in the moment. It's their first kiss so let all those feelings come to you and let us capture it.'"

Looking ahead to The 100's series finale, Morgan is excited for fans to see how Raven's story ends, promising that it's a satisfying conclusion for the fan-favorite character.

"Raven's story wraps up in a very Raven Reyes kind of way," she says. "I'm very happy about that. I didn't see it coming. I had no idea how my ending would be but when they told me about it and when I read it, I felt like it was very poetic justice for Raven. She goes out as she'd want to. It's a cool ending."

The 100 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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