The Amazon Prime thriller show costars Hamish Linklater and Enrique Murciano.
Tell Me Your Secrets
Credit: Amazon Studios

How much does Amy Brenneman's character want to find a woman played by Lily Rabe in the just-released trailer for Amazon Prime's new thriller show Tell Me Your Secrets? A lot.

Brenneman's distraught mother thinks Rabe's Emily has something to do with her daughter's disappearance and, with Emily in the Witness Protection Program, she enlists the help of another, very dubious-seeming character, played by Hamish Linklater from The Newsroom and Legion.

Where will it all end? Well, you can start to discover the answer when Tell Me Your Secrets premieres on Amazon Prime Feb. 19.

Tell Me Your Secrets is created and written by Harriet Warner, whose previous credits include the much-loved U.K. TV show Call the Midwife. The show's cast also includes Enrique Murciano, Stella Baker, Elliot Fletcher, and Xavier Samuel, among others. Warner is also an executive producer along with Bruna Papandrea (The UndoingBig Little Lies) Casey Haver (Queen America), and John Polson (Elementary) who directed the series.

Watch that trailer below.

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