It's time to return to Beacon Hills.

In March, Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey tweeted that he wanted to bring the beloved MTV series back for new episodes, followed by several of his cast members agreeing. And although an official revival is yet to happen, MTV did decide to reunite the series' cast and creator.

On Friday, the residents of Beacon Hills virtually reunited on MTV's YouTube page to benefit the First Responders First Charity. The reunion brought together creator Jeff Davis and cast members Orny Adams (Coach Finstock), Linden Ashby (Noah Stilinski), Ian Bohen (Peter Hale), Charlie Carver (Ethan), Max Carver (Aiden), Arden Cho (Kira Yukimura), Cody Christian (Theo Raeken), Shelley Hennig (Malia Tate), Dylan O’Brien (Stiles Stilinski), Melissa Ponzio (Melissa McCall), Tyler Posey (Scott McCall), Khylin Rhambo (Mason Hewitt), Holland Roden (Lydia Martin) and Dylan Sprayberry (Liam Dunbar).

The fan-favorite series, which ran from 2011-2017 on MTV, followed Scott McCall (Posey), the True Alpha, as he led his pack against various enemies for six seasons.

Watch the live reunion above.

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