Nick Mohammed's guide to watching 'Ted Lasso.'

Can Ted talk girl talk?

That tongue-twisting question is at the heart of a new clip from Ted Lasso's season 2 premiere, in which everyone's favorite manager is surprised by the greeting he gets from his distracted boss.

"Yikes, I haven't seen someone that disappointed to see me since I wore a red baseball cap to a Planned Parenthood fundraiser," cracks Ted (Jason Sudeikis) to Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham), who needs some advice about her current love interest, John (not Stamos). Ted discovers that his quick wit isn't necessarily welcomed at all times, realizing, "Rule No. 1: Even though it's called 'girl talk,' sometimes it needs to be more like, 'Girl, listen.'"

The clip, which can be seen above, features two Emmy nominees in Sudeikis and Waddingham, with the former being the most recent guest on EW's The Awardist.

"The greatest thing about this job is that it has allowed me great catharsis from a controlling, verbally abusive relationship that I'd had [in real life], that people looking at me wouldn't think that I'd experienced," shared Waddingham, referencing season 1 scenes with Rebecca's ex Rupert (Anthony Head). "So when it got to those scenes in the gala, when [Rupert] is saying, 'Very brave choice' with the dress, I've had that in the past. And also the bit outside the gala when Ted comes to find her... There's the bit about '[Rupert said], 'Eat this, wear that, and I listened,' that monologue that Jason was tweaking up until the last minute, informed me more than anything else about where I needed to take Rebecca."

Ted Lasso returns Friday to Apple TV+.

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