The Ted Lasso star (and Emmy nominee) takes us inside Roy Kent's big decision in this week's episode. (Spoilers ahead!)

Warning: This article contains spoilers about Friday's episode of Ted Lasso titled "Rainbow."

"You had me at Coach."

With those five words, retired AFC Richmond midfielder Roy Kent finally embraced his post-football purpose — not talking about the sport on TV, but coaching it on the field. "It was always the plan" to have Roy start coaching in season 2, Ted Lasso star (and Emmy nominee) Brett Goldstein tells EW. "More the discussion was how long we could hold it off, how long could we keep Roy away from Richmond without it being an issue."

"Rainbow" plays out as a sort of rom-com tribute episode, beginning with Ted (Jason Sudeikis) giving his team a pep-talk about "Rom-communism," and ending with Roy's emotional decision to leave the Soccer Saturday studio mid-broadcast so he can rush to the stadium to be with his team. "If you're doing a rom-com you have to have the running to the airport [scene], right?" says Goldstein. "When I did finally step out [onto the field] and there was the crowd chanting — aw man, it was really f---ing great."

To hear more from Goldstein — including his favorite romantic comedy of all time, why he thinks Ted Lasso is a show full of "will they, won't they" love stories, and what fans can expect from Coach Roy — watch the full video above.

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