The legendary journalist responded on Twitter to a joke on the Apple TV+ show about Jason Sudeikis' character wanting to meet her in a potentially romantic situation.

Could Ted Lasso score with Diane Sawyer? Well, no, because she is an Emmy and Peabody-winning journalist and news anchor while he is a fictional character on a TV show. But Sawyer has positively responded to a joke on the Apple TV+ show in which Jason Sudeikis' soccer manager reveals a fondness (and maybe more than that) for the legendary journalist.

In last week's Ted Lasso season 2 premiere, Sudeikis' character was asked by Hannah Waddingham's soccer club-owning Rebecca Welton what he would say to a cocktail. "Oh, the same thing I'd say to Diane Sawyer if she ever asked me out on a date," Lasso replied. "Yes, please."

On Sunday, Sawyer responded to the gag on Twitter.

"Dear Ted Lasso," she wrote. "I'm in. Your move."

But, like a soccer cup final where the teams have the same amount of goals at full time, it doesn't end there!*

On Monday, Ted Lasso (or someone operating the show's official Twitter account anyway) responded to Sawyer's reply.

"Oh my…you've got me more on my heels than Lady Gaga at the Met Gala," wrote "Ted." "Any chance you like biscuits?"

EW will continue to monitor the situation.

*Because the full-time would be followed by extra time and, if necessary, a penalty shoot-out.

Season 2 of Ted Lasso is currently screening on Apple TV+

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