ITV reporter Chris Skudder interviewed a group of blokes outside the FA Cup finals in London, not realizing he was talking to players from Ted Lasso's fictional team, AFC Richmond.


You might think the cast of the hit Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso gets recognized wherever they go... but that's not always the case.

When ITV sports reporter Chris Skudder interviewed a group of fans outside of Wembley Stadium in London after the FA Cup final on May 15, he thought he was just talking to a bunch of blokes. He had no idea that six of the men were not just football fanatics, they also play football stars on TV: Toheeb Jimoh (Sam), Phil Dunster (Jamie Tartt), Kola Bokinni (Isaac), Stephen Manas (Richard), Billy Harris (Colin), and Cristo Fernández (Dani Rojas).

Perhaps realizing that Skudder didn't recognize them, Jimoh decided to have a little fun with the reporter.

"His name is Dani Rojas, remember him," he said, pointing at his costar Fernández. "He's a good footballer. He's a very good footballer."

After asking the guys for their thoughts on the game (Leicester triumphed, 1-0), Skudder returned to "Rojas," asking, "Are you any good?" Fernández played along with a smile ("I think so"), and then Jimoh led the group in a rousing chorus of Rojas' official (fictional) song: "Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na, Dani Rojas!"

When the video began circulating online, Skudder clearly had a sense of humor about the prank:

And why wouldn't he? As Dani Rojas would say, football is life!

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