Anyone have a pen?
SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols

Voting on Survivor is hard. You have to figure out if you are truly making the right move. You have to figure out if you are voting with your head or your heart. And sometimes, you simply have to figure out how to vote — as in, figure out where the damn pen is.

In a hilarious deleted montage presumably originally intended for the Survivor 44 finale after-show, we see player after player flummoxed by the chess-themed voting urn at Tribal Council. "Why is there so much crap up here?" asks Carolyn Wiger when she first attempts to vote. "I am super f---ing confused. And now I'm the person asking where the pen is."

A 'super f---ing confused' Carolyn Wiger on 'Survivor 44'
A 'super f---ing confused' Carolyn Wiger on 'Survivor 44'
| Credit: CBS

But Carolyn is far from the only contestant positively befuddled while attempting to locate the marker. Maddy, Brandon, Lauren, Carson, Matt, Danny, and even Claire (who never cast a vote!) are all hilariously confused by the assortment of various chess pieces at the Tribal Council voting booth.

It is a supercut of epic proportions, and this exclusive deleted scene awaits you in the video above. If you are the type of person who feeds off of the bewilderment of others — kind of like the energy vampire from What We Do in the Shadows, but with confusion instead — then this is the clip for you. So much puzzlement. So much disorientation. So much fun. Enjoy!

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