Would you rather win Survivor but receive no money, or be voted out first and get a million dollars?
SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols

In the world of Survivor, there is pretty much nothing worse than being the first one voted out of a season. And there is pretty much nothing better than winning the game and the million dollars that goes along with it. On these two points, most players can agree.

But what if it wasn't so easy? What if the embarrassment and humiliation of being ousted by your peers came with a big cash prize? And what if the glory and prestige of winning the greatest game on earth was not accompanied by a single red cent? Then things get a little more complicated.

We decided to spring a little game of "Would You Rather" on the cast of Survivor 41 (which premieres tonight on CBS), asking them the following question: Would you rather win Survivor but receive no money, or be voted out first and get a million dollars?

The cast of 'Survivor' season 41
| Credit: Robert Voets/CBS

It's a fiendish question with no easy answer, and when we posed the question to the cast of Survivor: Ghost Island, the responses were pretty evenly split, with several of the super-fans in the cast saying they would actually take the money and the infamy.

Interestingly enough, while there are arguments presented by the Survivor 41 cast on each side (with one player opting for the win because "not being liked by people would be maybe too much emotionally for me to handle" while another contestant shrugs her shoulders and proclaims "F--- it, I'll take the million, I don't care"), there is much less of a split vote among the new cast members, with most folks decidedly leaning one way. Which way is it? Watch the video above to find out, and then ask yourself what option you would take: be voted out first and collect a million dollars, or achieve a life's dream but with no cash reward?

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