The new cast members each tell us why they think they'll triumph, revealing aspects of themselves in the process.
SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols

Eighteen people showed up in Fiji this spring to play the best game on the planet, each of them convinced they had what it took to win Survivor 41. (See their photos and bios here!) Of course, only one of them was right, and we'll start to learn the identity of that Sole Survivor when the season premieres Sept. 22 on CBS.

But why get ahead of ourselves? Let's go back to a time when it was all smiles and brimming confidence. We asked each of the new cast members to tell us why they would be taking home the $1 million, and got a wide variety of responses. Who claims to have "the perfect combination of smarts, and social skills, and emotional capacity to connect with people"? Who plans to lean on the fact that he has "a hyper-awareness about me that not a lot of people possess"?

And to prove these contestants (and their responses) run the gamut, we have one player excited to become the oldest female to ever win the game, while another proclaims, "I'm gonna win Survivor because I am younger than Survivor itself." (Hey, settle down there, whippersnapper. You're making the rest of us feel suuuuuuuuper ancient right now.)

The cast of 'Survivor' season 41
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While there is the predictable amount of pregame boasting you would expect in such a situation, there are also several clues to the players and how they might react to living out in nature, like in the case of one contestant who explains how "the elements are really going to be a piece of cake for me" because he spent half his life "with no running water and no electricity, and our toilet was just a hole right in the ground outside."

Finally, there's the person who feels that to be the best in the game she needs to "tone down my amazingness to be almost the best, and not the best." What the hell is she talking about? Watch the video above to see for yourself and get your first taste of the Survivor 41 cast.

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