Secrets here. Secrets there. Secrets, secrets everywhere!
SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols

Survivor players are generally terrible at keeping secrets. For proof, look no further than all the instances in which contestants have found a hidden immunity idol, told the camera how they were not going to tell anyone about it, and then proceeded to go and do exactly that five minutes later. Look, we get it! There's a lot of downtime on Survivor. It gets boring. When something exciting happens, it's super hard not to blab to everyone just to keep things interesting.

All that said, there is value in keeping some intel under wraps, which is why we asked the new cast of Survivor 41 (premiering Sept. 22 on CBS) a few days before the game began to tell us some things about themselves they did not want the other players to know. Luckily, they do want you to know, which is why you can watch the video above right now and indulge them.

'Survivor 41' contestants Liana Wallace, Danny McCray, and Sydney Segal
| Credit: Robert Voets/CBS (3)

Which player wants to hide the fact that she is fearless even though she stands "5 foot on a good day"? Who is looking to keep her age to herself, noting that, "If I can get away with being mid-30s, I'd like to do that"? And which dude knows that people think he's a "hollow-headed tool" when he is actually "a huge nerd"?

Not only can you get all those answers, but you'll also learn about the folks who plan to lie about the fancy-schmancy schools they attended, the secret former NFL player, and the contestant that doesn't plan to let the competition know she has multiple sclerosis. Their secrets have become your secrets! Now we just have to wait and see who can keep this info on the DL once the game begins, and who breaks down and tells all.

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