Before they become victims to all the surprises of the competition, the new players have some thoughts of their own.
SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols

WATCH OUT, THERE IS A MONTSER ON THE LOOSE! That might be your immediate reaction if you've been watching any of the promos for season 41 of Survivor, which refer to some sort of monster that apparently wants to eat (???) the contestants. We can't help but assume it is a metaphorical monster and not an actual, you know, monster, but that would be a hell of a twist if it were. ("Losers, you have a date with me at Tribal Council where one of you will be eaten by a monster.")

Given that the monster twist is not a real twist after all, we asked the superfan contestants of Survivor 41 (premiering Sept. 22 on CBS) to pitch us their own monster-free surprises and themes that they'd like to see on the show — and they did not hold back.

The cast of 'Survivor 41'
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There's one who wants "more of that head-to-head combat stuff," and one who wants Survivor to start as an individual game, then go to a team competition, and then go back to an individual contest. Another player wants to see a season of all the people who were voted out first, while another would like to see contestants forced to play with… their bosses? And then there's the dude who wants returning player captains just so he can say "whassup?" to his big Survivor crush Lauren O'Connell.

Those are but a few of the ideas percolating among the cast of Survivor 41. To hear (and ruthlessly judge) all of their pitches, watch the video above. And feel free to award points to the player who pitches an idea and then almost immediately after acknowledges that "I'm instantly seeing a million problems with this formula." A+ for honesty.

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