Could there be "an Olympic thing"? One player thinks so!
SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols

Who ever knows what could transpire on a new season of Survivor? Well, I'll tell you who certainly doesn't know — the players! The competition featuring contestants battling it out for a million dollars is not the only game being waged out there on the island. There is also the game of cat and mouse between the cast and producers as the creative powers that be constantly strive to keep players on their toes. But even if they did know all the twists, it's still impossible to predict how things will unfold once 18 strangers are finally able to talk to each other as the game begins.

All of which makes it fun to see what players think will happen. It's an exercise we've done before — one that has delivered some strikingly accurate predictions, as seen with the cast of Survivor: Edge of Extinction and on the current season of Big Brother.

The cast of 'Survivor' season 41
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So what sort of predictions did the cast of Survivor 41 (which premieres Sept. 22 on CBS) make before the season started? You'll have to watch the video above to find out!

Yes, we will disqualify the cheaters who predicted the season would only be 26 days long (something the producers clearly told them before our query). But you will find some other interesting responses, like one from a player who notes how diverse the new cast is (thanks to CBS' new mandate that all reality show casts be made up of at least 50 percent people of color), therefore predicting that "one of the things we will definitely see is a bunch of really likable people trying to understand each other for who they are, not necessarily making assumptions on who we are based on race, orientation, ethnicity, or creed, or religion."

You'll also see lots of guesses regarding Fire Tokens, which could come true (unless Mike White convinced Jeff Probst to drop them), as well as predictions of multiple people quitting, another generational divide, a throwback to the Outcasts tribe, extra players being added, and… "an Olympics thing." (We have no idea what that means either.)

Check out the video above to see all the cast predictions, and then stay tuned to find out which players were actually onto something.

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