The cast tells EW what they did to stay sane in lockdown — and their answers may say a lot about what's to come.
SURVIVOR: Island of the Idols

The cast members of Survivor 41 spent an entire year cooped up due to COVID-19 before finally heading out to Fiji in the spring of 2021 to go play the best game on Earth. And then they had to be cooped up again! After a year spent quarantining, they were forced to quarantine for two more weeks on location before the challenges could begin. That's a lot of downtime.

So how did they get through it? We asked the 18 players set to do battle how they passed the days during quarantine — either back at home, out on the island, or both — and their answers may reveal a lot about what we can expect from them when the season begins Sept. 22 on CBS.

Who took online Zoom comedy classes? Who has a hidden passion for antiquing? (Hint: Definitely not whom you think.) And who immediately became my favorite player ever for announcing she spent her quarantine reading EW's oral history of Survivor supergroup The Dragonz? (Due to the length of that article, it may have taken her all year to read it.)

You can find all their answers in the video above, in which you will also learn the identity of the cagey individual whose main activity while quarantining in Fiji was using his binoculars to spy on his fellow future contestants. Brilliant? Creepy? A bit of both? You be the judge. (Also, bonus points to the contestant who spent her quarantine eating cupcakes.)

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