Wynonna Earp star Tim Rozon may have left the bedeviled town of Purgatory behind, but he still has his hands full with things that go bump in the night on his new show SurrealEstate.

EW is exclusively debuting the first trailer for the Syfy series, which you can check out below. Premiering July 16, the spooky drama stars Rozon as Luke Roman, a well-dressed real estate agent who specializes in selling homes that no one else can — specifically ones that are haunted and would scare most people away. Luke and his team work to research and fix the problems in order to close on the sale.

"Our team will encounter all kind of supernatural things throughout the season," Rozon tells EW. "None, none, none the same. And they will vary on degrees of evilness, of good, of vulnerability, of realness. It's kind of got everything in there, which is the most exciting part for me because nothing was the same."

Along with a familiarity with the paranormal, succeeding at a job like this requires a real way with words, which Luke definitely has. But portraying that skill forced Rozon out of the comfort zone he cultivated while playing Wynonna Earp's immortal cowboy Doc Holliday.

"It was difficult because he's a real salesman," Rozon says. "There's the whole supernatural thing, that's for sure. But at the end of the day, the guy really gets a rush from just selling houses. And that is not me. Luke talks a lot. I was coming from Doc Holliday on Wynonna Earp, and Doc doesn't talk much. He's much more of that brooding silent type, while Luke has a lot to say. So it was difficult and a big a challenge for me. I was scared of Luke. It was petrifying, but at the same time very exciting."

Thankfully, his fellow cast members helped him overcome those fears. The show reunites Rozon with his Schitt's Creek costar Sarah Levy, who plays Susan Ireland, the Roman Agency's new agent. "As soon I as I found out Sarah got the part, I was ecstatic," Rozon says. "I also called her because the other person who's got a huge workload is her character. I was like, 'Have you read the script?' And she's like, 'I know. I'm freaking out.' And I'm like, 'Okay, I feel so much better because I'm freaking out.'"

SurrealEstate (SCREEN GRAB)
Tim Rozon (center) on 'SurrealEstate'
| Credit: SYFY

The fact that the show didn't rest solely on his shoulders also helped calm Rozon's fears. In addition to Sarah, Luke's team consists of Father Phil (Imposters' Adam Korson), a fallen priest who handles the firm's research; August (Haven's Maurice Dean Wint), who develops their supernatural technology; and Zooey (Wynonna Earp's Savannah Basley), the dark office manager.

"This is definitely an ensemble piece; this is not like the Luke Roman Show by any stretch," the actor says. "The team dynamic was just so wonderful. The difference between mine and Sarah's character, and just the entire time [hooked me]. You've got Savannah's character, who really just steals scenes left, right, and center. When you have the whole the team together, it's got its own feeling, and then when you got two people together, it's got their own feeling. But then you can put those two people with two different people and it just changes the dynamic each time, which is always exciting and fun."

SurrealEstate will feature yet another Wynonna Earp reunion: Melanie Scrofano, who played the titular gunslinger, directed two episodes of SurrealEstate's first season and guest-starred in another. Says Rozon, "It was great, especially filming together was hilarious again."

SurrealEstate premieres Friday, July 16, at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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