Watch Jensen Ackles reveal how the couple met in a sneak peek at Friday Night In With the Morgans.
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Some people solve puzzles while stuck in self-isolation. Others play board games. But if you are husband and wife team Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton, you host your very own quarantined talk show from a farm in upstate New York!

Friday Night In With the Morgans will debut this Friday at 10 p.m. on AMC as The Walking Dead and One Tree Hill stars video-chat with friends as well as current and former coworkers from around the country, and the very first episode features a few notable reunions. Not only does Morgan’s TWD costar Christian Serratos (who plays Rosita) log-in, but Supernatural star Jensen Ackles joins his former on-screen dad, along with his wife, Danneel. (The Morgans’ family friend and local physician, Dr. Sharagim Kemp rounds out the week one guest list.)

In this exclusive clip from the premiere, Ackles answers a fan question asking him to share the story of how he introduced Morgan and Burton. And what a story it is. “Hilarie was in town visiting, this was in L.A., and she was staying with us and so we went out one evening,” explains the Supernatural star. “I remember it, it was like an Irish pub in Toluca Lake.”

“Irish car bombs, baby!” interjects Morgan, clearly relishing the memory of beverages shared that evening.

“And there we were sitting, the three of us,” continues Ackles. “And I convinced [Morgan] to come down the street and meet us for a drink, and you did. And you pulled up in your Harley, and we were sitting there in the front window, and Hilarie sees this guy get off a bike in slow-motion and take his helmet off and throw his hair, and it was all very surreal. And you walked in, the two of you locked eyes, and that was pretty much the rest of the evening.”

“It was, like, instant,” agrees wife Danneel.

Watch the full video reliving the epic meet-cute for yourself above, and then tune in Friday on AMC for the debut of Friday Night In With the Morgans. Future guests include Sarah Wayne Callies, Mark Duplass and Katie Aselton, while AMC says that, "Each episode will have a free-flowing, raw feel featuring unfiltered conversation about how we’re all getting through this unprecedented moment, as this charismatic couple connect with friends, neighbors, animals and the broader community of fans.  Each week they will come together for conversations about how they are handling life in quarantine, practically helping communities, finding joy and even humor in these unprecedented times, entertaining themselves, and others, while in isolation – all done via video chat."

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