Devil's Bargain

There are only three episodes of Supernatural left. And if episode 17 is any indication, there's a lot of drama ahead.

Thursday's episode, titled "Unity," saw the return of Chuck (Rob Benedict), which is why Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Jack (Alexander Calvert) took a quick road trip to New Mexico to complete the final ritual necessary for Jack to defeat God himself. But what they didn't realize is that they were playing into Chuck's ending. As he revealed to Amara (Emily Swallow) while Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean were fighting about what to do, this was all Chuck's doing. So, in the episode's final moments, Amara agreed to become one with Chuck and Jack was left as a ticking time bomb, with Chuck nowhere in sight.

"We pick up right [where we left off]," says Misha Collins of next week's hour. "This is almost like a two-part episode — 17 and 18 really flow into one another." As for what happens next, this week's episode saw fans get "chapters" from Amara, Dean, and Sam, which means Castiel's story must be coming up. "In 18, we do get Cas' chapter," says Collins. "[In episode] 17, it feels like Cas is there, but he's not central. [In episode] 18, he becomes much more central."

But with Jack on the verge of death, what does episode 18 have in store? Jensen Ackles has already told us the hour is "monumental" for the series, and Collins agrees. "It's monumental, it's tragic, it's — I think — pivotal," says Collins. "It's a sad episode."

Then again, when there's only three episodes left, isn't every episode a little sad? (Sorry.)

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