The stars and showrunner of Superman & Lois sit down for EW's Around the Table video series and preview what's to come in the back half of season 1.

Tension and unlikely team-ups abound when Superman & Lois returns.

After a seven-week hiatus, the CW's freshman super-family drama is finally flying back on the air Tuesday to resume the back half of its first season. Ahead of the Arrowverse show's midseason premiere, EW gathered showrunner Todd Helbing and stars Tyler Hoechlin (Clark Kent/Superman), Elizabeth Tulloch (Lois Lane), Alex Garfin (Jordan Kent), Jordan Elsass (Jonathan Kent), Dylan Walsh (General Sam Lane), Adam Rayner (Morgan Edge), and Wolé Parks (The Stranger/Captain Luthor) to discuss the show's first five episodes and preview what's to come for the latest installment of Around the Table.

When we last left off with Superman & Lois, super-powered teen Tag (Wern Lee), who was previously in Department of Defense custody, attacked Jordan because he blames him for what happened to him. In fact, that's exactly where the midseason premiere, titled "Broken Trust," picks up.

"Jordan and Tag have a little confrontation, and we follow that along and you learn what happened to Tag, and he's just trying to put the pieces together," Helbing tells EW. "Of course, we all know what's going on."

Superman & Lois
Tyler Hoechlin as Superman/Clark Kent on 'Superman & Lois'
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By that, Helbing is obviously referring to the cache of X-Kryptonite buried in Smallvile, which gave Tag powers after Jordan's heat vision went off in the pilot and is the reason Morgan Edge has taken such a keen interest in the town. In the coming episodes, we'll learn more about what's driving the corrupt billionaire's meteor rock scavenging hunt and experiments.

"Morgan Edge, as increasingly discover, is a fanatic who essentially feels as though certain people, without giving too much away, deserve to exist and other people don't deserve to exist," says Rayner, whose performance is partially inspired by Kenneth Branagh's turn as Nazi General Reinhard Heydrich in HBO's Conspiracy. "I found Kenneth Branagh's performance in that film, and just [in terms of] the confidence that [Edge] has as a CEO of this terrible organization, very helpful." Helbing adds: "There's definitely a supremacy sort of attitude behind all of this."

Superman & Lois
Wolé Parks as the Stranger/Captain Luthor and Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane on 'Superman & Lois'
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Edge's business with the mines leads to a surprising partnership between Lois and Park's Stranger, who is pretending to be a fellow reporter. "Morgan Edge opens up the mines and Lois Lane teams up with Luthor, and they go inside the mines [to] figure out what's going on," says Helbing of the midseason premiere.

While Lois and Luthor investigate in "Broken Trust," Jonathan and Jordan head to Metropolis for a football game against their old school, which brings Jordan face to face with the kids who used to bully him. Whether or not Jordan can control his powers on the field ends up being a major concern for Jonathan.

"Now that [Jordan is] on the football team, [Jonathan] has to watch his brother's back because his brother now has powers. He's going to get angry if these guys start to antagonize him," says Elsass. "Some of these old guys from Metropolis High are just not very nice to either us [now], so they're definitely trying to push some buttons." Elsass adds: "I remember there's one scene at the end of episode 6 that's definitely something to look forward to with some of the guys from Metropolis High and what happens there."

Unfortunately, Clark is also starting to have some trouble playing with others — specifically his father-in-law, General Sam Lane.

"There's a lot of tension going on between General Lane and Clark, and the order of operations. And you see, let's say, a deeper side of Lane," Helbing says.

"There's a dynamic between Superman and General Lane that it's unlike any other of the ones in the show," says Hoechlin. "Just specifically talking about Dylan and [me], I love our scenes. It's the one time I think where Superman's in a room and it's a mutual respect, but they also mutually challenge each other and test each other constantly."

Looking ahead, Tulloch is very excited for audiences to see Lois team up with Jonathan in episode 8. "It's an extremely emotional episode for Lois, and it ties together part of the Luthor story line but also why specifically she's so fiercely protective of her sons," says Tulloch. "When I first read the script… I was like, 'Oh my god, how am I going to do this?' I'm really looking forward to seeing it. And one of the things I loved about the episode is that you see a Lois and Jonathan team-… I just really enjoyed working a lot with Jordan Elsass on that stuff. It was fun, and the two of them being the ones in the family who don't have powers but still have to get s--- done."

Watch the latest installment of Around the Table above. Superman & Lois airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m.ET/PT on the CW.

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