Pro tip: Don't mess with Lois Lane — or her family.

The iconic intrepid reporter has always been a force of nature in Superman comics, but Elizabeth Tulloch has been taking the character to new heights on the CW's Superman & Lois. And the Kent family matriarch's claws are out now that her son Jordan (Alex Garfin) has been kidnapped by Morgan Edge/Tal-Rho (Adam Rayner), aka Superman's (Tyler Hoechlin) evil half-brother. And EW has your exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday's season 1 finale in which Lois lets out her rage on the only person she can right now: Edge's righthand Kryptonian soldier Leslie Larr (Stacey Farber).

In the exclusive video above, Lois seeks out Leslie, who's currently in D.O.D. custody, to try and find out where Edge took her son. And when Leslie is, well, less than agreeable in giving out any information, Lois gets physical and attacks the trapped Kryptonian.

Superman and Lois
Credit: The CW

Watching these two powerful and formidable women face off is awesome and a little terrifying, but thankfully Leslie's wearing Kryptonite cuffs — otherwise this confrontation wouldn't end well for Lois. But why does Leslie still act like she's got the upper hand here, Kryptonite cuffs and all? That's... worrisome.

Watch the exclusive video above now before the Superman & Lois season 1 finale airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the CW. 

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