"I went from knowing nothing to working extremely hard at fighting," Garfin tells EW of his favorite scene.

Jordan Kent (Alex Garfin) might not be a superhero just yet, but he does have superpowers. And in Superman & Lois' second season, we've watched as he's gotten a bit better at using them. In the most recent episode of the CW drama, he even used his powers to save his brother — but in doing so, he stood up his girlfriend. In other words, he's still got a few things to figure out.

EW spoke with star Alex Garfin about Jordan's journey so far and what we can expect as he continues to figure out his superpowers.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: In terms of Jordan's evolution from episode 1, what do you think is the biggest change in him?

ALEX GARFIN: I think the real change, in one word, has been maturity. He's matured a lot since season 1, episode 1, to the point where he's a very different person. That tends to happen when you're around those ages. I remember every year, from around 13 up to around 17, I felt like a different person. Freshman year of high school I was so different than sophomore year, so different than junior year. And then the career stuff took over. I had to mature, in the same way that Jordan has to in this coming episode.

I will say, overall, I've been impressed with how Jordan and Jonathan [Jordan Elsass] have handled some pretty life-changing news as teens. It's not easy to have Superman as a dad.

There was a bit of a fit in the beginning, and I'm glad they had that. I really was so happy they wrote it like that, because from an outsider's perspective, it's like, "That's awesome. Your dad is Superman! Why would you be upset about that?" But from someone who has been lied to their whole life, who feels a little screwed up in the brain, who may not know if it was because he's half alien, I could see why you'd be a little upset, especially when you have a lot of hormones raging around inside of you.

Superman & Lois
Alex Garfin on 'Superman & Lois'
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In the last episode, we saw Jordan show up and use his powers to defend his brother. Do you think it's fair to say that he is getting a bit better at this superpowers thing?

I think it is extremely fair to say that Jordan is getting better. All the while, in the background, he's been training with General Lane [Dylan Walsh], which, as much as General Lane would ever know about training a young Superman, it certainly has been paying off, it looks like, in the fight. I've had a personal journey with this as well. I was not athletic. I was a theater kid. I was in the improv club, not the baseball club, so I came in pretty scrawny. But when I heard that this was going to happen, I went up to our stunt coordinator, Rob Hayter, and he taught me how to use the gym equipment, and I've been learning how to fight. And that scene that you're referring to has been my favorite thing I filmed since I've arrived here and since I've gotten the role. It was just a very long time coming. I went from knowing nothing to working extremely hard at fighting. They weren't even going to use me at first, and I walked in, and I said, "I can do this. I have been training." They got three takes, and all three, we could use. It was such a moment of feeling like I'd worked so hard for something and it paid off. And you don't often get those in this Hollywood world. It's something I'll cherish the rest of my life.

We have watched Jordan struggling with these powers, struggling with being different, especially from his brother. As he comes into his own with these powers, what does that do for his mental state?

Jordan begins to find himself under pressure. He begins to find himself in a place of, "If I don't do it, no one will do it." It affects his mental stress, because all of a sudden he [has] this responsibility. It's that deadline syndrome, isn't it? When you have something to do by a deadline, you get it done, even if you can't imagine yourself doing it in double the time, when you have a deadline, you usually get it done. That affects him mentally. That affects his mental strength, and it affects his acuity even. And you also see it start to negatively affect him. You see it maybe start to bubble over in different ways throughout the episode.

It's already affecting his life, as we saw when he stood up Sarah (Inde Navarrette) in the last episode.

Yeah. You can never really make everyone happy, can you? We touch on that in this show all the time. You see Superman trying so hard to save the world, but also, at the same time, he's not there for his sons if he's out there saving more people. You're trying to balance these things. The world would see the stuff that Superman's doing as more important than the stuff Clark is doing. But to Superman and Clark, they're of equal weight.

Is there a side of Jordan you would like to see more of, that you feel like you haven't gotten explore as much?

Oh, absolutely. Back in Metropolis, Lois [Elizabeth "Bitsie" Tulloch] was Jordan's best friend. His only friend, really. They had that extremely, extremely close mother-son relationship, whereas Jonathan got around very well. He had a lot of friends. He felt very healthy. And we do touch on it a lot more in episode 9 than even a lot of previous episodes, but I would love to see some more Jordan-Lois stuff. Also, personally, I love working with Bitsie. She's awesome, so it would be really great to see that.

Do you have a favorite episode coming up?

I'm really looking forward to seeing other people's work in the rest of the season, episode 10 and onward. We really see everyone start to shine. I always just feel so honored to be among this cast. I always feel like I have so much to learn from all my co-stars. It's really great to be here with all these people, and I can't wait to see what they do.

Superman & Lois airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

This interview has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.

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