Legends of Tomorrow
Credit: Bettina Strauss/The CW
Guest Starring John Noble

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This week, Legends of Tomorrow ended season 5 with a finale full of shocking, heartbreaking goodbyes, insanely wacky action sequences, and an exciting tease for season 6. We break it all down below.

Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow
Credit: Bettina Strauss/The CW

What do Sisqo, Marie Antoinette, Shake Weights, and the Greek Fates all have in common? If you don't watch Legends of Tomorrow, you're probably thinking, "Absolutely nothing." But the zaniest of the Arrowverse series ended season 5 with a finale that somehow managed to include all of that and still make it not only a satisfying hour of television, but also one that felt oh-so-right for this show. Not an easy task, but then again, after watching an action scene set to "The Thong Song" performed by Sisqo himself as superheroes fought magical encores with Shake Weights, pogo sticks, and more "bad idea" inventions, it's clear that Legends really can do anything.

The appropriately titled "Swan Thong" was a masterful episode, even by Legends standards, because it once again balanced the wacky with the heartfelt as the finale said goodbye to three favorites. First, Zari 1.0 chose to go back into the totem when she realized that she couldn't exist in the same timeline as Behrad, i.e. he was slowly dying as the timeline corrected itself. So she ended up sacrificing herself for her brother in a totally gut-wrenching scene as she said goodbye to Behrad, Zari 2.0, and, of course, Nate (who really just can't catch a break). I wish both versions of Zari could have stuck around because Zari 1.0 was easily one of the best Legends to ever join the Waverider and Zari 2.0 has totally stolen all of our hearts as the show dove deeper into her character, but logistics alone would make actor Tala Ashe's job near impossible to pull double duty in every single episode. As for why Zari 1.0 had to be the one to go, check out the explanation that showrunner Phil Klemmer gave EW. I'm not happy about it, but I totally get it. I'm going to be mourning this one for a while.

Following Zari 1.0's poignant exit — after the Legends destroyed the Loom of Fate, defeated Lachesis, and saved the world (again) — Charlie announced to the rest of the team that she was leaving the Waverider. Unlike Zari 1.0's exit, as Ashe is sticking around to continue to play Zari 2.0, this departure will have a major impact on the series since Maisie Richardson-Sellers is leaving. In fact, this finale was her last episode. She's brought something special to this show, whether it was as the wise, selfless, passionate Amaya or as the punk-rock, snarky, chaotic Charlie, and it's going to be weird to imagine Legends without her. This series has always had a revolving door for Waverider inhabitants, but after learning who Charlie is as a Fate and what her backstory was, it felt like we were just getting to the good stuff with her character before her time got cut short. At least we got one final performance from her and the Smell before she left.

As for that third goodbye, it's less heartbreaking and more shocking as, after the Legends said goodbye to Charlie, Sara was aliens. And no one on the team even noticed! They just kept walking away, joking around and laughing, not even realizing their captain was just teleported into the sky. That makes her abduction that much more cruel, because when the team finally does discover that Sara's missing, they're going to have zero clues to follow and no idea where to start in their search. That should make for an interesting start to season 6!

But how long will Sara be missing? Will we still get to see Caity Lotz on screen, wherever Sara may be? Or will she be missing for some time at the start of next season? With about nine months until Legends returns in midseason 2021, we're going to have to wait a long time to find out.

Related: We got Legends showrunner Klemmer to unpack that finale, from all those goodbyes to that alien tease.

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