Azie Tesfai will debut as Guardian in Supergirl season 6's "powerful" 12th episode, which explores racial inequality.

National City has a new Guardian.

As EW reported in March, Azie Tesfair's Kelly Olsen will follow in her brother James' (Mehcad Brooks) footsteps and become the hero Guardian in Supergirl's sixth and final season. Well on Friday, the CW unveiled our first look at Tesfai as the golden shield-wielding vigilante. Check it out below:

Credit: Justina Mintz/The CW

"That [has] been our plan since the beginning of creating that role," said co-showrunner Jessica Queller about Kelly's transformation in a March interview with EW. "We just wanted to find the right context for it, and so it just evolved really beautifully in the context of the social justice stories we wanted to tell [in season 6]."

While we've seen Kelly use the shield in the past, she officially picks up the Guardian mantle in season 6's 12th episode, titled "Blind Spot," which addresses racial inequality and airs Sept. 21. That installment is a momentous one for a number of reasons. First, Tesfai co-wrote it with co-producer J.Holtham, and thus became the first Arrowverse actor to ever contribute a script to one of the shows. Second, Arrow alum David Ramsey directed the episode and appears in it as John Diggle.

"[Episode] 12, in my opinion, for Kelly, is the most epic episode of the season, so I'm excited to get to pen it," Tesfai previously told EW. "To have David Ramsey directing the episode... that makes me really excited. Ramsey and I had dinner the other night and just talking about his perspective and experiences; they're very different than mine. So, I think to have such a well-balanced [group] between me, J., who I'm writing the episode with, and David Ramsey, I think fans will feel really excited and hopefully seen and heard."

Queller added: "It's just going to be a really, I think, emotional, and powerful, and interesting episode that Diggle appears in."

Supergirl's midseason finale airs Tuesday, May 11 at 9 p.m. The superhero drama will return Aug. 24 at 9 p.m.

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