Papa, can you hear me?

It appears Hopper isn't the only surprise return in store for Stranger Things season 4.

After months of no new information when it comes to Netflix's hit show, a new teaser drops with a character whose fate has been up in the air since season 1.

The footage takes us back to what appears to be the Hawkins National Laboratory, run by Dr. Martin Brenner (Matthew Modine), the "Papa" who kidnapped children, like the young Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), and conducted experiments on them. The camera lingers on a few kids playing with each other in the game room until Brenner himself walks in.

"Today, I have something very special planned for you," he tells them. Then, he turns his attention to Eleven, who's telepathically snooping.

"Eleven, are you listening?" he says.

There are lots of questions with this. Is this a flashback of some kind? Is this happening now? Is this a nightmare Eleven is experiencing? Is Brenner still alive?

That last one is the million dollar question since he appeared to meet his end in season 1 at the hands of a demogorgon. However, Modine pointed out something recently that has remained true of Stranger Things for seasons.

"I love that the fans are trying to figure out where Dr. Brenner is, because we're all wondering, you know, is he in the Upside Down? Did the demogorgon drag him away? Is he going to re-emerge?" the actor told NME in October. "And the show's creators, the Duffer Brothers, have said that unless you see a body, the character's not dead. And obviously we never saw Dr. Brenner's body."

Filming on season 4 continues after going on hiatus while the industry maneuvered around COVID-19 safety protocols.

The new story will take us to Russia where Hopper, who survived the events of season 3, is being held at Kamchatka by operatives. Creators Matt and Ross Duffer further teased a "new horror is beginning to surface, something long buried, something that connects everything."

Freddy Krueger horror legend Robert Englund joins this season as "a disturbed and intimidating man who's imprisoned in a psychiatric hospital for a gruesome murder in the 1950s."

Jamie Campbell Bower, Tom Wlaschiha, Nikola Djuricko, Joseph Quinn, Sherman Augustus, and Mason Dye also join as newcomers to the cast for season 4.

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