Stephen Colbert delivered a surprise monologue from the comfort of a sudsy bathtub ahead of Monday night's scheduled Late Show rerun.

Dressed in his usual suit while soaking in the bubble-filled tub, Colbert dubbed the intro a "very special distancing edition of the Late Show," joking that he could rename it The Lather Show (with special guest musical duo Head & Shoulders).

Colbert teased the idea in a tweet shortly before the episode aired. “If you’re curious what the LATE SHOW would be like with a bathtub but without guest, an audience, or band- that makes two of us. See you at 11:35 on CBS,” he wrote.

After initially planning to film episodes without a live audience, The Late Show, along with many other talk shows, announced it would be taking a hiatus for the foreseeable future due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In his bathroom monologue, Colbert addressed a White House press conference on Monday during which President Trump laid out health guidelines, including a recommendation that Americans avoid gatherings with more than 10 people.

"The government is telling all of us to avoid human contact indefinitely. And on behalf of the socially anxious everywhere, let me just say, way ahead of you! I've been avoiding human contact since before it was cool," Colbert quipped.

Joking about the number of people at the podium with the president during his speech, Colbert added, "'Don't get together in groups of more than 10 people.' It's important information coming from the coronavirus task force which has 21 members."

On a positive note, he went on to assure fans, "If you're watching this from home right now, know that you're doing the right thing."

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