Colbert says "God bless" to the fly that landed on Pence's head for two minutes during the vice presidential debate.

Stephen Colbert addressed the elephant fly in the room during the vice presidential debate on Wednesday night between Sen. Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence — specifically the actual fly that landed on Pence's head.

"Senator Harris landed some blows and Mike Pence dodged and parried," Colbert recapped the event during a live Late Show recording. "But, ultimately, it was a vice presidential debate and there's a limit to just how interesting it's — Oh my God! Look at his hair! He's so full of crap he's attracting flies."

As Harris debated Pence over topics such as the Trump administration's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy, abortion, and more, a fly landed on Pence's white head of hair. Pence didn't react to the fly at all and for two solid minutes the fly captivated a nation.

"God bless you, fly," Colbert said. "I guess the plexiglass wasn't high enough. But listen, all jokes aside, thoughts and prayers for that fly's family. It's got to quarantine for two weeks now. We gotta get that fly to Walter Reed."

Even as Harris and Pence "were talking about a very important issue," Colbert joked he "missed the whole thing because the fly was still on Mike Pence's head and it stayed there for over two minutes. Two minutes! Meaning that fly has a longer attention span than the president of the United States. That's a long time for a fly. It made a life there. It joined Soul Cycle. It mixed at the bars. It changed its voter registration to Mike Pence's head."

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