Late-night hosts praised the mute button during the final debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Stephen Colbert was in a celebratory mood on A Late Show Thursday night, mainly because this week marked the last time we will see Donald Trump participate in a presidential debate... theoretically.

"Counting the 2016 Republican Primary, we've watched [Trump] do that 16 times. It's excruciating," he said. "It's like dental surgery. Tonight was like getting our last wisdom tooth taken out. Yes, it hurt and, yes, we can still taste the blood in our mouths."

On Thursday, presidential candidate Joe Biden faced Trump again in a debate that Colbert dubbed Old Man Slap Fight 2: Slap Harder! The Pursuit to Mute the Brute. The host came prepped with title cards and animation, including a version of Trump who kept popping up into the screen until Colbert sprayed him away with a water bottle. This was also the first time the debates implemented a mute function on Trump's microphone, a new rule made for both candidates after a boisterous Trump kept interrupting Biden during their first debate this year.

"Americans have a tough choice to make now," Colbert said. "Do they vote for Joe Biden on Nov. 3 or do they vote for him early? Because the ultimate mute button is in your hands."

Jimmy Kimmel also praised the mute button when recapping the debate on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "After the debate, Melania tried to take the mute button home," he joked.

Trump, the host added, "tried very hard to resemble a human being," though Kimmel questioned if "maybe somebody swapped Trump's Adderall out for Tylenol."

"The only way Donald Trump could've really won this debate is if the topics were squandering your inheritance, shower head pressure, and combing your hair like this," Kimmel said, emulating Trump's quaff.

Both he and Colbert noted multiple lies Trump spread during the debate, and they laughed at the president's claim that he was the least racist person in the debate room. "Only Donald Trump can look at a half Black, half Native American moderator and go, 'I am the least racist person in this room,'" Kimmel quipped.

Colbert took issue with Trump talking trash about New York City, where the host films A Late Show. Trump again called NYC a "ghost town" because the pandemic, to which Colbert responded, "Mr. President, when you come to New York, those aren't ghosts. Those are people boo-oo-ing you."

Jimmy Fallon agreed this debate was much calmer compared to the "UFC fight on meth" that was the first debate.

"Everyone was talking about how there was gonna be a mute button used during tonight's debate. It seemed like it worked pretty well. I'm thinking about getting one for Thanksgiving," Fallon joked. Dropping in a crack at Jeffrey Toobin, the New Yorker staff writer who was suspended after being caught exposing himself on a virtual work meeting, Fallon added, "The muted mics really helped, though. It was much calmer. At one point they almost cut to Jeffrey Toobin to liven things up."

The Tonight Show host then noted how "everyone was impressed by Trump not interrupting or yelling," though he's "not sure it's a great sign that we talk about the president like we talk about a 4-year-old at a puppet show."

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