The late-night host tried to find the silver lining in the inconclusive election night results.

Stephen Colbert is exhausted, and not just from election night. As the Late Show host made his closing remarks on the live Showtime special Stephen Colbert's Election Night 2020, he noted how he's been on "high alert" for the past four years of Donald Trump's presidency. "My blood pressure is in normal range... for a truck tire," he joked. Now, as votes are still being counted from mail-in ballots, Colbert offered up a "controversial" opinion as he search for some kind of silver lining.

"It's actually a good thing we don't know who won yet," he said while getting booed by the sound effects of a jeering crowd. "The truth is, the reason it's taken so long to declare a winner is because we've had such a massive voter turnout."

"The point is," he added, "millions of you braved the pandemic, an army of poll watchers, even the post office just to make sure you got to vote. And each and every one of those ballots deserves to be counted whether they are votes for Joe Biden, votes for Donald Trump, or write-in votes for 'Boobs Boobs boobs Post Malone Rulez!!!!!!' "

Trump, as he previously said he would, prematurely declared victory, but Colbert reminded everyone "we still don't know who won yet." "I know we've all got what it takes to wait just a little bit longer," he said. "But still, we all deserve some small taste of that satisfaction we crave." So, in closing out the show, he shared a montage of "things that feel as satisfying as you want this to," including images of puppy tummy massages, falling onto a comfy bed, and Tim Robbins throwing his hands up at the pouring rain in The Shawshank Redemption.

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