After Donald Trump, the Late Show host is a bit anxious about all this talk of President Johnson.

A new survey came out suggesting a large portion of Americans would welcome a Dwayne Johnson bid for president, and the Fast and Furious star said it would be his honor to serve. In comes Stephen Colbert to convince the actor not to run.

"Look, folks," CBS' late-night host said, changing his tone and emotion, "I love Dwayne 'Rock' the Johnson as much as the next middle-aged man who loves Fast Cars Go Zoom. But for the love of Ludacris, Dwayne! We don't need another celebrity in the White House!" Colbert shouted at the camera on Tuesday night's Late Show.

Of course, the other celebrity that was elected to the White House was Donald Trump, and then there was Ronald Reagan, who was an actor and president of the Screen Actors Guild before entering politics.

"Just 'cause people love something doesn't mean we should hand it the nuclear codes!" Colbert continued his comedic rant. "That's why we've never elected President Surprise Onion Ring in Your French Fries. Besides, we've already have a couple of Presidents Johnson. We'd have to call his administration 2 POTUS 2 Prez: Executive Drift."

A poll from Piplsay stated 46 percent of the country would support President Dwayne Johnson. The WWE-wrestler-turned-Hollywood-star responded to that in a post on Instagram.

"Humbling," he wrote. "I don't think our Founding Fathers EVER envisioned a six-four, bald, tattooed, half-Black, half-Samoan, tequila drinking, pick up truck driving, fanny pack wearing guy joining their club — but if it ever happens it'd be my honor to serve you, the people."

Talk of Johnson as president goes way back, however, and it's mostly been fun talk. In 2016, he said he hasn't "ruled politics out."

"I'm not being coy when I say that, but at the moment I am not sure," Johnson told U.K. GQ. "I can't deny that the thought of being governor, the thought of being president, is alluring."

Then, in 2017, he said a presidential run was "a real possibility."

Johnson came out in support of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris during the 2020 election, saying, "Progress takes courage, humanity, empathy, strength, KINDNESS & RESPECT. We must ALL VOTE."

"Bottom line, Dwayne, you won't even like the gig," Colbert concluded his segment. "You're an action star. Being a president is boring. It's all legislation and diplomacy and paperwork. And as we all know, paper beats Rock."

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