In their quarantined late-night interview, Stephen Colbert proves he can rap 'Sunday Candy' as well as Chance the Rapper himself.

Everyone's changing their routine in the pandemic, but just because Stephen Colbert now has to record The Late Show from his home hasn't made his interviews any less interesting. On Monday night, Colbert interviewed Chance the Rapper, both of them video-chatting from their homes where they're quarantined with their families. There may not have been an audience to applaud, but Colbert still astounded Chance when he demonstrated his ability to rap the artist's song "Sunday Candy" after a discussion about Chance's grandmother, the subject of the 2015 cut from the Surf mixtape.

"I feel like I know your grandma a little bit, because I know she can say with her voice and her way that she loves you," Colbert said, seamlessly transitioning into rap lyrics mid-sentence. "You are the thesis of her prayers, all her nieces and her nephews are just pieces of the layers, only she loves as much as you is Jesus Christ and Taylor."

"How do you know the words better than me now?" Chance asked with a laugh. "Why are you so good at rapping, dude? I've seen a lot of videos, you can rap any rapper's song better than they can themselves."

"Well I better learn how to rap, you're learning how to host. This is not fair," Colbert replied.

Chance is, after all, hosting the reboot of Punk'd on Quibi, which just launched this week.

Check out the video of his Colbert interview above.

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