Things are heating up on ABC's Station 19, and not in a good way.

Jack (Grey Damon) has been sleeping with Rigo's (Rigo Sanchez) wife Eva (Kelly Thiebaud) and the jilted spouse is onto them. In EW's exclusive preview of Thursday night's episode titled "Ice Ice Baby," Jack attempts to make peace with his newest colleague, who knows more about his extracurricular activities than Jack could've imagined. Yes, Rigo saw Eva and Jack together during the camping trip in episode 4, "Into The Woods," and he's ready to drop the bomb.

What does this mean for the fire house? Series showrunner Krista Vernoff answers three burning questions ahead of the episode.

STATION 19 - "House Where Nobody Lives" - Ben and Jack mollify a group of homeless foster and biological siblings so they can help save a life, triggering memories from Jack's past. Meanwhile, Maya pushes the team too hard and struggles to bring them together; and Pruitt threatens to take drastic action when refused a request on an all-new episode of "Station 19," airing THURSDAY, FEB. 13 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (ABC/Byron Cohen) RIGO SANCHEZ
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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Why is Jack trying to make peace with Rigo?

KRISTA VERNOFF These guys have to live together and work together. Jack is lying and covering in this scene because he fears what happens if his affair is exposed.

This ongoing affair with a fellow firefighter’s wife is exceedingly stupid and dangerous. In terms of what he’s thinking, I don’t think he’s really thinking at all. I think he’s a damaged human. And damaged humans - even good hearted ones - often make choices that are self-destructive.

Where does this clip pick-up in the episode?

We saw the moment Rigo clocked the affair in last week’s episode — the camping trip. Eva clearly gets off on danger and drama and she pushed it too far. And Jack knew it was a bad idea and did it anyway. Now… There are consequences. I’m not gonna tell you where the scene picks up because I want you to watch on Thursday night!

What can we expect from this love triangle as we move ahead this season?

I don’t think of it as a love triangle. I think of it as a powder keg. Keep watching!

Station 19 airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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