"South ParQ The Vaccination Special" will air March 10 on Comedy Central.

When it comes to tackling the vaccination issue, you knew that South Park was going to give it a shot.

The fearless animated comedy from Matt Stone and Trey Parker — which explored the COVID-19 crisis with a pandemic special last fall — is returning with another hourlong installment. The "South ParQ The Vaccination Special" is slated to air March 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central, the network announced Friday.

"The citizens of South ParQ are clamoring for the COVID-19 vaccine," reads the official description for the spectacle. "A hilarious new militant group tries to stop the boys from getting their teacher vaccinated." That reference to Q, of course, promises that the episode will delve into QAnon, the far-right, far-fetched conspiracy-theory movement.

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"South Park's The Pandemic Special," will be re-aired an hour before the vaccination special. The pandemic installment — which was the show's first-ever hourlong episode, not to mention its high-rated episode is seven years, with 4.4 million viewers — tore into Donald Trump for his bungled response to the deadly crisis, and depicted the former president (played by Mr. Garrison) as encouraging the coronavirus given its disproportional impact on people of color. "All I have to do is guide the avalanche in the right direction," he said, "and I'm fulfilling my promise to the American people." The episode also took on police violence and took shots at Disney.

Season 23 — which saw South Park pass the 300-episode milestone — wrapped up in December 2019, and the September pandemic special has been the show's only new installment since. A premiere date for season 24 has not been announced.

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