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The Denver Broncos revealed on Sunday that they've added some huge fans to the crowd — the characters from the town of South Park!

"Gang's all here," the team's account tweeted, along with a video showing main characters Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, Stan, and Randy Marsh as cardboard cutouts at Empower Field at Mile High.

Behind them were rows and rows of other characters from the long-running Comedy Central cartoon. And the best part? They're all wearing masks.

Fans of the series might know that creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone are both Broncos supporters, having grown up in Colorado and gone to University of Colorado, Boulder, which is where they met and created what later became South Park. On the show, which is set in the titular fictional town in Colorado, the characters are also Broncos fans, and the team is often mentioned.

In addition to the over 1,800 South Park characters reported to be in the crowd, there were also 5,700 real humans in the stadium for the Bronco's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday.

Comedy Central recently announced that the animated series will tackle the COVID-19 pandemic in its first hourlong episode, which premieres Wednesday.

A trailer for the episode shows Randy Marsh announcing some sort of "pandemic special" attempting to cash in on the crisis, Cartman worrying about authorities trying to make him return to school, Kyle fretting about social distancing, and a scene with the kids in a classroom encased in protective cubicles with a police detective as their new teacher.

The show's 24th season premiere date hasn't been announced but is likely coming soon, given that the series has already resumed production for the special.

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