By Sydney Bucksbaum
October 15, 2020 at 09:30 AM EDT

The stars of Social Distance are taking you through everything you need to know about Netflix's new anthology series.

EW got cast members Lachlan Watson, Guillermo Díaz, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Asante Blackk, Peter Scanavino, Lovie Simone, Max Jenkins, and Oscar Nuñez to break down the alphabet according to their new show, from adjectives describing how they filmed the quarantine-themed series while in quarantine themselves to words associated with their characters' storylines.

"A is for astonishing," Blackk says. "I think it's pretty astonishing the way we pulled this off."

Scanavino had a pretty creative word choice for B: Bumblebee from the Transformers movies. And that's because one of the Social Distance producers Tara Hermann used a Bumblebee costume as an incentive for Scanavino's real-life son to say his lines. It worked, and the Bumblebee costume finally showed up on the last day. "He's pretty much not taken it off since," Scanavino says.

Nuñez picked "computers" for C, because that's what all the families on the series use to communicate (just like in real life). Watson picked "distance" for D, because, well duh, they filmed the anthology from a safe distance!

To find out what the cast members picked for E through Z, watch the video above now. Social Distance is now streaming on Netflix.

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