A global pandemic won't slow down one of nature's fiercest predators.

Shark Week will launch this year, as it usually does, in the heat of the summer. Discovery announced on Thursday that the eight-day event dedicated to all things shark will kick off Aug. 9. The network promises more than 20 hours of new programming during the 32nd annual installment of the network's landmark (seamark?) franchise, including a special that marks the 20th anniversary of those breaching terrors known as Air Jaws. You will swim the globe and visit such places as New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa to learn how the pandemic lockdown — which reduced the number of people playing or working in the oceans — "has given sharks the opportunity to reclaim the oceans." Celebrities also will pop up to help educate viewers — and to swim with the sharks.

To announce its return to the water, Discovery has revealed its first Shark Week promo. The network, of course, has long had fun with these teasers, such as 2013's edition. (R.I.P. Snuffy the Seal.) As you can see in the video above, this year's entry is perhaps the sauciest, as all sorts of people share a surprising fact that they gleaned from watching Shark Week: male sharks have not one and not three but two penises. Shimmering rainbow. The more you know.

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