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Episode 803

Mark your calendars for the last round of Gallagher debauchery.

Showtime has announced Shameless will return for its 11th and final season on Dec. 6. Originally eyed for a summer premiere, the network's No. 1 comedy and longest-running series was just able to start filming in the last few weeks following the coronavirus-forced shutdown of Hollywood.

Concluding at 11 seasons means that Shameless will match the run of the British series of the same name that it was based on. Despite that fun fact, the decision to end didn't come from the cast or creative team, according to showrunner John Wells.

"I haven’t changed my opinion, I’d write it forever," Wells told EW in January. "I love this show. But Showtime really felt that it was their time to end doing the show. And we respect that; they’ve been such great partners to take us through 11 years of making the show. It took almost seven years to get the show made in the first place, so I never thought I would make it this long. But I haven’t changed my opinion, I could do it forever. They were just ready to be done. With the cast, we never had a conversation with Bill [Macy] or anyone else about whether they wanted to stay longer because Showtime let us know that they were ready to close up shop. Like I said, I’m so appreciative of all the support they’ve given us all these years that it would be very ungrateful of me to not just thank them. But, if anybody else wants to make it, let’s make it. I’ll make it. There’s just so much to write about and I love these characters."

Considering Shameless' track record of tackling current events, politics, and the plight of the lower class, the series will surely bring its unique take to the pandemic and the recent social justice movement. But, talking to EW before the world changed, Wells gave a tease of what to expect in the final season.

"There’s never an end to the things we can satirize in the American projects, so I think they should expect more of the same," he shared. "Certainly keeping Ian and Mickey together and trying to see what it’s like for them to be newlyweds, seeing Carl move on with his life, and how Tami and Lip are going to adjust to really being together, and how do we form our own families without undermining our relationships with our original family. That’s a real challenge, to bring other people in your life that you realize have to be more important in the decision making than the family members you’ve always considered to be the most important thing — and how does everyone adjust to that."

And now we wait to see if Emmy Rossum's Fiona will return to help say goodbye.

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