A professional football player surely knows the value of practice, and Aaron Rodgers brought that knowledge to bear in the lead-up to his guest-hosting stint on Jeopardy.

During a Monday appearance on Late Night, Rodgers' fiancée Shailene Woodley recalled watching the NFL star prepare to host the beloved quiz show, which apparently involved an awful lot of binge-watching.

"I would go to work at 8 a.m., 6 a.m., and he would start his Netflix Jeopardy binge, and then when I would get home at 8 or 9 p.m. he would still be watching Jeopardy," Woodley told host Seth Meyers. "I would open the trash can and I would just see a bunch of empty to-go containers and milkshake cups that he had ordered on Uber Eats. And I was like, 'You literally just Uber Eat-ed and watched Jeopardy all day long today.'"

Of course, there was a little more to it than that. "He had stacks of notebooks and notes that he took," Woodley continued. "It was actually really inspiring to watch his steadfast commitment to learning every single part of the Jeopardy game."

The Last Letter From Your Lover star also got in on the prep: "We did a lot of rehearsing back and forth, where he would read some fake things that he had created and be like, 'Was my tone right? How is it all working?'" Woodley recalled. "It was fun."

Rodgers has previously described his extensive preparation to host Jeopardy, telling the Ringer that he would watch episodes muted to practice reading the clues.

"You've got to learn the form. It's looking down to read the clue and then looking up to call on a contestant, and also understanding what the answer is in case none of the contestants get it right, and then realizing at that point that you've got to work on your posture and where you're looking and know who you're talking to when you give that response," the Green Bay Packers quarterback said. "There were so many little things that were important for Alex [Trebek] being so smooth that I just wanted to be sure I had down."

All that work seems to have paid off: Rodgers' turn on Jeopardy was very well received, putting him among the best-liked Jeopardy guest hosts thus far. He's also been open about his desire to take over as host full-time, telling the Ringer, "I'm not shy at all about saying I want the job."

Of course, he'll have to beat out presumed frontrunner Ken Jennings and another eager applicant for the job, LeVar Burton. Burton will host Jeopardy next week, following current guest host Robin Roberts. (See the full schedule of guest hosts here.)

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