Warning: This article contains spoilers for the first two episodes of The Sex Lives of College Girls.

College is a time to try new things, to party, and to meet new people. And sometimes, it's a time to do all those things at once… while naked.

The second episode of The Sex Lives of College Girls saw Bela (Amrit Kaur) and Kimberly (Pauline Chalamet) attend a naked party, which appeared to be an otherwise straightforward party, only one where you quite literally leave your clothes at the door. And despite appearances, this isn't something the Sex Lives writers made up for television.

"It is real. It is like a Yale thing," co-creator Justin Noble tells EW. "When I first met with Warner Bros. after [co-creator] Mindy [Kaling] had brought me in, I was like, 'The one thing I know I want to do for sure is do an episode about a naked party.'"

Kaling agrees that the parties are "inherently cinematic," but as she puts it, "I just was happy that it was based on something real."

The Sex Lives of College Girls
Amrit Kaur and Pauline Chalamet on 'The Sex Lives of College Girls'
| Credit: HBO Max

Not only are naked parties real, but they're also the kind of experience that Noble, who admits he's been to a couple, will never forget. "It is the weirdest thing that everyone wanted to pretend was totally normal," he says. "Everyone is looking at each other's junk, and everyone is drunk out of their mind from pre-gaming it. It's very weird! And it felt like something we had to pursue."

The result was a night Bela and Kimberly will never forget—or rather, they might, because they both had to get pretty drunk in order to relax and enjoy it. But who knows, maybe there's a bright future ahead for naked parties. "Will our show make them catch on? I haven't thought about that until now," Noble says. "Are more colleges going to start having naked parties, is that our legacy? Only time will tell."

New episodes of The Sex Lives of College Girls are released Thursdays on HBO Max.

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