Host John Krasinski also reveals the long lost lyrics to The Office's opening sequence.


Kim Cattrall may not be returning to the Sex and the City universe in the recently announced HBO Max revival, but Saturday Night Live found a special way to include her.

In a sketch that poked fun at The Undoing theme, which is sung by the show's lead Nicole Kidman, various opening credit songs were envisioned as performed by their stars, including the upcoming And Just Like That, which saw SNL's Chloe Fineman decked out in a stylish red dress while evoking the spirit of Cattrall's beloved character Samantha Jones.

"Sex and the City without Samantha, doesn't that sound fun?!" Fineman sings in the sketch above, promoting the new album Now That's What I Call Theme Songs Sung by the Stars of the Show. "It's Sex and the City without the sex, hope you enjoy the city."

While on the topic of sex, Cecily Strong also brought to life the Bridgerton theme song as Julie Andrews, the narrator of the hit Netflix period drama.

"Sex, lot's of color-blind sex," Strong as Andrews croons."Sex, we all put on costumes for sex. Why do the opening credits look like a screensaver from the '90s?"

John Krasinski, who made his debut as SNL host on Saturday, finally put words to the The Office theme song. The actor shot to stardom portraying the role of paper salesman Jim Halpert in the workplace mockumentary series for nine seasons.

"Scranton, Scranton, Scranton, Scranton, Scranton, Scranton, Scranton, Scranton, Scranton," he sings while the instrumental intro plays. "That's where we all live and work. That's a calculator. There's Dwight. He's the bad guy. And the hero's name is Jim. Highlighting! That's his girlfriend. That guy's on the phone. Tie flip! Then, there's me again. Then [Steve] Carell does the trophy thing. The Office."

Other remade theme songs in the sketch include The Queen's Gambit, The Crown, Frasier, and The Mandalorian. Watch it for yourself above.

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