She also revealed the role she was offered on the show and why she turned it down.
Candace Bushnell; John Corbett

Candace Bushnell shared some juicy behind-the-scenes details about Sex and the City, the popular HBO series based on her 1997 book of the same name.

The best selling author recently appeared on the Bradshaw Boys podcast where she confessed why she didn't want Sarah Jessica Parker's character, Carrie Bradshaw, to end up with John Corbett's Aidan Shaw. Aidan is the rugged, furniture designer Carrie dated and cheated on with Mr. Big (Chris Noth). The pair later reunited and got engaged only for Carrie to break his heart for a second and final time.

"I'm never gonna be Team Aidan," Bushnell said. "I can't for a variety of reasons but one of the reasons is that my mother hated Aidan. She would watch and she was like, 'I hate that Aidan. He's so wrong for her!' My mother hardly ever watched TV."

Bushnell then revealed that she actually went on a date with the actor. "I did go to dinner with John Corbett. I kind of went out to dinner with him, it was romantic, [but] all I could think was, 'My mother's gonna kill me!' Then he goes back to L.A. and then like two days later it's like, 'Oh, he's dating Bo Derek.' You cannot compete with Bo Derek, forget it."

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Bushnell, whose life as a writer in New York City inspired the character of Bradshaw, was also asked to have a role in the series by creator Darren Star which she turned down.

"Darren asked me, 'Do you wanna play [Big's wife] Natasha?' And I was like, 'No,'" she said of the role that would eventually go to Bridget Moynahan. "They had an actress, she couldn't do it, he's like, 'Come down here and play Natasha.' I was like, 'I'm busy, I cannot come to the set.'"

Listen to the episode in full below:

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